Alexander's Siblings Emotional Plea to Arias Jury

Family of Arias' Victim and a former boyfriend addressed the jury who must decide her sentence.
4:50 | 05/17/13

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Transcript for Alexander's Siblings Emotional Plea to Arias Jury
let's head straight to the latest on jodi arias. New video of the jail cell where she has been behind bars for so long now and it was a long day in the courtroom for her yesterday with so much raw emotion as the victim's family testified. Abc's ryan owens has the story. My name is steven alexander. My name is samantha -- Reporter: They are the voices that remain silent through four ex-crouch yachting mo thursday, travis alexander's siblings finally broke that silence. Travis was our strength. Reporter: They told the jury that must decide if jodi arias lives or dies about that day five years ago when they found out their brother had been slaughtered in the bathroom of his arizona home. She screamed at me. She said, samantha, travis is dead. Reporter: And about the last time they saw the 30-year-old. He got to meet my daughter and hold her for the first time. He said she was the most beautiful little girl he's ever seen. I never would have thought that would be the last time that i would see him. Reporter: Jodi arias appeared to cry as the siblings spoke. Especially about the gruesome death their brother suffered at her hands. How much did he suffer? How much did he scream? Reporter: Neither mentioned arias by name but made clear they believe she deserves to die. I don't want to have to see my brother's murderer anymore. Reporter: After the siblings read their statements, the jury was supposed to hear from two witnesses in support of arias. One an ex-boyfriend who testified earlier in the trial but didn't want his face shown. I know jodi because we were in love. Reporter: The other, childhood friend patty womack. Jodi and I both met in sixth grade. Reporter: Neither ended up taking the stand although it's not clear why. The defense can trying to argue arias deserves mercy in part because she came from an abusive family something womack appeared to contradict earlier in the trial. She had a great childhood. I always wanted to have that kind of childhood, you know. Reporter: You're describing a very normal girl. Absolutely. Reporter: Arias was a bridesmaid in her wedding. She's not the monster that you all think she is. Reporter: Next week jodi arias herself will speak to the jury and beg for mercy, although the voices of her victim's family will no doubt still be echoing in this courtroom. For "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, phoenix. "Gma" legal analyst dan abrams joins us now and lots of tears in the courtroom yesterday. What about jodi arias seeming to cry? Impact on the jury at all. Look, jodi arias has cried many times during this case.Ed whe she was ying and the jurors clearly didn't believe her testimony. So I don't think it's that important. I do think the emotion provided by the family is very important. It was powerful. Jurors in that courtroom were in tears, not surprisingly because you're talking about very, very powerful, eloquent cases being made in effect by these family members. What do we expect to hear from jodi next week when she takes the stand. Now she's going to plead for her life? We'll see. I don't know exactly what she's going to say. Look, she's certainly going to talk about her abused childhood, right? She will likely talk about it sounds like she's going to talk about her artwork. I can't imagine she should spend too much time on the artwork aspect saying on twitter I'll donate it, any money I make to domestic violence causes, et cetera. When you don't believe her case, when you don't believe anything she has said, this notion that she is going to be supporting domestic violence victims is not just ringing hollow but could actually alienate some of those jurors, as well. So she's got to be very careful what she says. Brand-new video released of her jail cell. Why would the sheriff's office give the media thi access now at this point? I love the fact that the sheriff is claiming, too many people are saying she's being coddled. This is sheriff joe arpaio. This is the guy accused time and again of crossing the line, to the that he doesn't walk up to it so he's saying I wanted to make sure people knew she wasn't being coddle okay, thank you, sheriff. We now know she's not being coddled. It is interesting, by the way, to be able to see the inside of her cell but the notion that somehow the country was saying that jodi arias is getting too many benefits and perks doesn't really ring true to me but it is fascinating to see the inside of that cell. Certainly it will be fascinating next week. What she says is going to be really important here. Dan abrams, thanks, as always. We appreciate it. Now to the story of one of

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{"duration":"4:50","description":"Family of Arias' Victim and a former boyfriend addressed the jury who must decide her sentence.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19200249","title":"Alexander's Siblings Emotional Plea to Arias Jury","url":"/GMA/video/jodi-arias-trial-update-alexanders-siblings-emotional-plea-19200249"}