John Boyega talks about working with the late Carrie Fisher

The "Star Wars: the Last Jedi" actor dishes on the new film and says people still don't recognize him in public.
5:28 | 11/29/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for John Boyega talks about working with the late Carrie Fisher
So please welcome our next guest, the extraordinarily talented "The last jedi" star, John boyega. Good to see you. How are you? You look lovely. Hey, good to see you, man. Ah, good to see you. You look lovely. My man, good to see you, pan. How you been? Good, man. Good. Yes. Live audience. Yes. Upgrade, upgrade. Upgrade. Daisy was here yesterday. She said she saw the movie but you haven't seen it yet. Yeah, I haven't seen it yet. I haven't seen it yet. I don't know what's going on with that. I need to call Disney. But -- You got to call some people. I do. I can't wait to see it. Honestly it's going to be great so I can't sleep on it at all. How has life changed for you since the last one? Are you recognized out on the streets. No. Really? Not at all. I feel like Harry potter with that invisibility cloak because I just can move anywhere. It's fantastic. Honestly. It's great. You can go to the grocery store, nobody -- I was in London a few days ago and went and got myself the whole shopping, whoa shebang, went out to pick up DVDs. Went out at 2:00 A.M. In my loafers. I don't know what it is. I think they see me and go, Finn wouldn't be here. You have a new partner in crime. Rose tico. She is a newcomer. It's great because I was actually involved in her audition process so I read a lot of lines with her during that process and she's just -- she's incredible and Finn and rose go on a new journey and have great times. Look at her. She's so cute. She's brilliant, yeah. She's see -- yeah. Like this is -- like I honestly love her because my connection to her is based on the fact I went through the same thing she went through in "VII" and being able to help her through the process is great. As you know it's really cloak and dagger. We haven't seen really anything from the movie. Oh, you guys too. Yeah. We tried with Daisy. We got nothing but we do know mark Hamill is in this one a lot more. What was it like working with Luke Skywalker. Seeing him around is incredible consistently, I think, you know in "VII" there was only one moment for him and now it's, you know, called "The last jedi" and has Luke Skywalker in it. It's going to be crazy and his acting is incredible. Luke as a character is so solid in this. It's going to be good. And the late Carrie fisher, also an iconic pardon so what was your experience with Carrie? Well, Carrie means freedom to me. She means the ability to be yourself regardless of circumstance regardless of social construct. To me she's just incredible and back to back on every day we had jokes and laughter and that's something you'll get with Carrie fisher. A lovely picture. Yeah. You don't want to know what she was saying in my ear. No. You don't want to know. Carrie's got the jokes. Don't tell me what she was telling you. Is it too soon to ask about "Episode IX." It's too soon. It's too soon. I tried for you guys. We haven't seen this one. Exactly. I haven't seen a script. I haven't seen anything. Nothing? Nothing at all. All I know is that J.J. Abrams is coming back and I did e-mail him and say are you coming back because of me? He said yes. But this is "Star wars" and, of course, there's a new creature and it's the hottest toy of the year. Yes. What are your thoughts on these little guys? I don't like them. Really? Yes, because I have a different experience than you guys. You saw it in a nice box with the branding and all that kind of stuff. It's cute. But let me put this in your head. I saw these portiogs and mini ones bunched together with big ones and their black eyes peering at you. I call them holes on trees to. I can't stand them. I can't stand them. We'll be getting you them for Christmas. Get you something else. Something else. They're cute, though. Speak of cute, your cat. Instagram. Yes. Adorable. Yes, adorable little thing. Buy a gift for the cat. He would rip it up. He would rip it up. What's his name? Only one Logan. I know none of you know how to say it. He is a Nigerian British cat so there he is. Ah. And I was actually sleeping this that picture as well and he just got on my bum. It's nice to have you, man. Good energy and good light. Going to love it. We'll love this movie as much as you. It's "Star wars: The last jedi" slides into theaters on December 15th. Make sure you go check it out

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{"id":51450071,"title":"John Boyega talks about working with the late Carrie Fisher","duration":"5:28","description":"The \"Star Wars: the Last Jedi\" actor dishes on the new film and says people still don't recognize him in public. ","url":"/GMA/video/john-boyega-talks-working-late-carrie-fisher-51450071","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}