Anti-Virus Pioneer John McAfee Hiding in Belize: Police

Locals in the Central American country say they've spotted the murder suspect.
3:00 | 11/14/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Anti-Virus Pioneer John McAfee Hiding in Belize: Police
We begin with the software millionaire on the run, suspected of murder. SOFTWARE ENGINEER, john McAfee, is hiding from police. And we're learning how and why he's running for his life. Matt gutman is in belize. I know it's a scratchy connection. But good morning, matt. Reporter: Just outside john McAFEE'S COMPOUND. The owner this morning is on the run. Wanted by police for questions about the murder of his neighbor just down the street. McAFEE SAYS HE'S CHANGED HIS Appearance, dyeing his hair and his beard black. An entire nation on the lookout for a man who admits he is paranoid and quite possibly dangerous. This morning, the manhunt is intensifying for the former millionaire and recluse john McAFEE, ON THE RUN FROM POLICE, After being called a person of interest in the grisly murder of his neighbor here in belize. 52-year-old greg faull was found gunned down in his home sunday morning. He had a gunshot wound to the back of his head. And he was laying face-up. I don't know if the body was posed. Reporter: Abc news learned that McAfee, once considered a software savant, has changed his appearance, dyeing his beard and hair black. In a recorded interview with "WIRED" MAGAZINE, McAFEE SAYS He's alone. I'm holed up in a place, where the mattress here has lice. I've never experienced that before. I'll holed in this place. Reporter: Mcafee insists the government here is trying to kill him. "Wired" reporter, josh davis, is the only journalist in contact with him. He wanted people to believe he was dangerouso people won't attack him or harmhim. Reporter: Despite that, davis says the 67-year-old insists he is innocent. ACCORDING TO DAVIS, McAFEE FIRST Hid from the police by burying himself in the sand, breathing through a cardboard box. I am unable to move. That's clear. All the police, all the bdf have my photo. It's a small country. I'm a white man with unique features. If I leave this house, I would be identified instantly. Reporter: Mcafee made his FORTUNE IN THE '80s, PIONEERING Security. But after losing almost all of his fortune, he moved to belize, where he built a series of compounds. McAFEE IS CLEARLY A COMPLEX And eccentric millionaire. Just a very strange and paranoid world he lives in. Reporter: To get a better sense, abc news traveled here, TRYING TO track McAfee down. We found his house. Hello? Anybody home? He apparently posted men to guard his compound. He always had his gun. He has his gun. He's got his security personnel. His security guards with him. Reporter: This morning, police in belize say they want TO TALK the McAfee and worry he's come unhinged. We worry about the state of mind, of course. Reporter: Mcafee says he's alone, without the guns, without the girlfriend he's been known for. Without access to his biggest asset, this house, which he is selling for $1.5 million through THROUGHOUT IT ALL, McAFEE IS Insisting he is innocent, and has nothing to do with the murder down the beach. Does not feel like this is going to end well. We've been showing you a

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Locals in the Central American country say they've spotted the murder suspect.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"17714993","title":"Anti-Virus Pioneer John McAfee Hiding in Belize: Police","url":"/GMA/video/john-mcafee-anti-virus-pioneer-hiding-belize-police-17714993"}