Jude Law's Transformation in 'Don Hemmingway'

The actor discusses his role as an ex-con on a mission to make up for time lost in prison.
3:00 | 03/26/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jude Law's Transformation in 'Don Hemmingway'
role. Come on back. ? Jude law undergoes quite the transformation in "Don Hemingway" playing a thief with some anger management issues who's just been released from prison on a mission to make up for lost time. Take a look. Tom, don't think what you're thinking. That's Mr. Fonteyn's property. Property is really a term. Still. I'm just looking. Admiring. She's rather fit. Not fit. Here to talk about the new film "Don Hemingway." Jude law. Good to see you. Nice to see you. We are used to seeing you perhaps in more glamorous roles to a degree but I know that the rough side of this character is actually what compelled you to take the role. Yeah, there's a sort of vitality to him and an animalistic sort of lustful life passion I loved and I kind of fell for this character. He's larger than life, violent but poetic and so the look was -- I don't know, getting the look right was sort of making sure he was believable that he'd seen some days. He had lived some life. And to get the look, you're an exercise enthusiast. To get the look you decided to get that look you had to go for it so what did you do? You know, Richard shepherd, the writer and director talked about don't lifestyle, 1 years in prison and the excess and what he enjoys and so we -- just had a summer, you know, saying yes to everything. You had a prosthetic broken nose which sounds painful. Yeah, little things here and there we tweaked with. And the teeth. The teeth were caps and wearing something up my nose so it makes me look like I've got a broken nose. None of it took too long and make sure I could get in and out of the makeup chair quickly. For the teeth, I understand you had a properly burial -- Living as don for three, four months I loved him and I hope other people love him too but I put him in a box. I put accoutrements and bits and pieces and the cigarettes and buried him just to sort of banish the spirit of him out of my system. Awesome. Great movie. Beautiful south of France, as well. Thank you for being here. Again, it is "Don Hemingway." It opens April 2nd, the great Jude law. Thank you, Jude.

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{"id":23063584,"title":"Jude Law's Transformation in 'Don Hemmingway'","duration":"3:00","description":"The actor discusses his role as an ex-con on a mission to make up for time lost in prison.","url":"/GMA/video/jude-laws-transformation-don-hemmingway-23063584","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}