Julia Louis-Dreyfus on Her Role in the Hit HBO Series 'Veep'

The actress is in Times Square to discuss her 15th Emmy nomination.
3:42 | 07/31/14

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Transcript for Julia Louis-Dreyfus on Her Role in the Hit HBO Series 'Veep'
We'll have to get that story later from Julia. Julia louis-dreyfus can on a roll. Two emmys in a row for her role on "Veep." Nominated for lead actress for scenes like these. Can't identify myself as a woman. People can't know that. Men hate that. And women who hate women hate that which I -- I believe is pose women. I think you'll dig it. Let's raise minimum wage. Blind people are people too. A very enjoyable read. Complex. I'm exhausted. The journey is endless, you know, global, issues -- I call it some new beginnings because it's plural. God bless you. Et cetera. Do you think I'm ruthless? No. Enough? Enough? Yeah. And Julia louis-dreyfus joins us now. You seem to have so much fun playing Salina Meyer. Why wouldn't I? She's such horrible person and yet at the same time I understand why she is. So it's -- she's very vain and seeking power and not feeling power. For all the wrong reasons. For all the wrong reasons although she thinks they're the right reasons and so, yeah, I love playing her. She's veep but at the end of last season she became -- Spoiler alert. Last season. This past season, yeah. I know, just in case people haven't seen it. Hbo. Becoming president and running on her own. Yes, exactly. Well she becomes president sort of by default in a strange way and while at the same time she comes in third in the new Hampshire primary -- Not so good. Not so good. When she becomes president I think was my favorite scene all last season. It looked like you were actually truly laughing through the entire -- Oh, yeah, that scene with Tony hill and the bathroom, yes, yes, well, she kind of loses it. She becomes hysterical. It'shaed and in real life, every politician in D.C. Seems to want to bond with you every time you come down. I love this video with you and vice president Biden at the white house correspondents dinner and show a little as we talk. I could not believe that he would actually go through this whole thing -- you guys basically produced a little film right there. Totally. Look at that of the key to get into the west wing. Ha, ha, ha. Yeah, we did. And it was absolutely amazing. We got to go into the oval office as you can see -- Whoa. Don't touch the desk. And shoot this in about ten seconds. There were -- as you can imagine. Get out of here right away. And there were so many limitations that what we could do but it was a dream to do it and with Michelle Obama in it, too in the white house kitchen. We just had a ball. What was great, he was himself through the whole taping. Yes, exactly and it was -- and I -- it was very important that he -- to him and therefore to us that he didn't come off as, you know, silly or something so I became the horse's ass and he was cool. Another project you're working on, you and your husband have collaborated on a documentary having to do with your dad. Exactly. There's a documentary called "Generosity of I" and go to generosity of eye.com, it's a documentary about an endowment my facet up. It's a collection of his art and it's been set up as an endow many for the Harlem children's zone. Such fan as tick work in the city. Yeah, they're the best. Absolutely. And so, yeah, that was my dad right there. Great it see him. Great to see you again. All you fans of "Veep" check it out on HBO and coming up, Maggie

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{"id":24786715,"title":"Julia Louis-Dreyfus on Her Role in the Hit HBO Series 'Veep'","duration":"3:42","description":"The actress is in Times Square to discuss her 15th Emmy nomination.","url":"/GMA/video/julie-louis-dreyfus-actress-recieves-15th-emmy-nomination-24786715","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}