Kate Middleton's Baby: Nanny School for Royal Children

Amy Robach checks out top school for caretakers of wealthy kids.
3:47 | 05/27/13

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Transcript for Kate Middleton's Baby: Nanny School for Royal Children
fallopian tubes removed next. We move on. And put on your british accent here. Nobody wants that. It will turn out like brooklyn. Coming up tonight on abc, "bringing up baby: Royal edition." Barbara talks about the great expectation in a royal world. What diana's legacy means. And she gives us a unique perspective. To get in the spirit, I checked out the tough nanny school, for a crash course on how to attend to the rich and the royal. Tucked away in a beautiful english countryside of bath, about 100 miles west of london, lies norland college, which is considered the harvard of royal nannies. What distinguishes a royal nanny to your average, run of the mill nanny? It would be the training. For three years, they are trained to be the best. Reporter: Did she say three years? Thankfully norland was willing to give me a crash course. In your training, you are -- you always wear your hair up. Hair up, check. Minimal makeup. Reporter: Check. One pair of earrings. They have to be stubs. Flat shoes. They have to be lace-up. Reporter: Lace-up? No slip-ons, when you're carrying children. Safety first. All right. I tried. It's very british. As you can see from the uniform. Oh, right. The distinctive brown uniform, complete with bow tie, felt hat and white gloves. A look that's barely been updated since the college's conception in 1892. And watch this space because we are -- we're going towards a MORE 1950s LOOK. But modern. MODERN 1950s LOOK. Reporter: All right. As a mother of two and stepmother of three, I admit, i was a skeptic. Could norland, no matter how nuanced, really tell me something about the nursery i didn't know. I just hit the baby in the face. This is incredibly -- oh, my goodness. Buckle in here. Reporter: That would be an unequivocal yes. This was no nimble fold-up buggy from babies "r" us.Here a norland way to -- wow. They had me practicing on the same silver-cross programs that princes apparently prefer. I feel like I'm pushing a lawn mower. Then, it was on to the inevitable nappie changing. Nappy is british for diaper. Changing nappies at norland, is a real nuisance. And then, it gets folded down there. And them, you use a nappie liner. Want to have a go? Use a cotton ball. Reporter: There's no wipes? That's a lot of work. Hand on the baby. Reporter: Sorry. Can you imagine? One cotton ball at a time. If anyone's changed a soiled nappie -- ew. I'm going to stick with the wipes. The "20/20" special with barbara walters, "bringing up baby: Royal edition" airs tonight on abc.

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{"id":19263765,"title":"Kate Middleton's Baby: Nanny School for Royal Children","duration":"3:47","description":"Amy Robach checks out top school for caretakers of wealthy kids.","url":"/GMA/video/kate-middletons-baby-nanny-school-royal-children-19263765","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}