Kelly Clarkson and Announce 2013 AMA Nominees

The award-winning musicians talk about the 2013 American Music Awards.
6:52 | 10/10/13

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Transcript for Kelly Clarkson and Announce 2013 AMA Nominees
Over here, you know, two multiplatinum megaaward winning record artists sojoining us. Will.I.Am and kelly clarkson. First, welcome to you both. I was reading. Impressive stats. You're going to be announcing the nominations. We have an announcement to make. But 19 times you've been nominated, combined. Did you know that? Do you count? I didn't know that. I didn't know that. That's a lot. That's hearing your name called. I feel like if you know that, you're kind of weird. Leave that to us to tell you. Will, I want to ask you. Last time I saw you, you were on our roof, performing with miley cyrus. You collaborated with so many others. She's going to be performing at THE AMAs. What do you imagine miley might do in her performance? She's been topping herself time and time again. "Wrecking ball" was the first song after the performance we had an interview. And we talked about, you know, what really under the me on to miley cyrus. It was the song "wrecking ball." When I first heard it a year ago. I didn't know it was her. So, I can't wait for her performance. I wish her the best. And I hope she performs "wrecking ball." You heard it here. It's good. An anthem. I can hear you singing. It's beautiful. I want to catch up with what you're working on. Congratulations on the -- on your love. Your life. Okay. And you decided not to do the big wedding. You're going to keep it small. We're doing it small. I just finished tour. Yeah. We're doing it real small. And you finished tour with -- maroon 5. How was that? It was awesome. But I was ready for it to end so I could get married. That's next on the agenda. Settling down? Nope. We have a christmas record coming out. Thank you for help me transition. We are not slowing down. This is your first christmas album. Very first one. And it's my favorite thing I've done in my whole career. Really? Why? We did five originals for it and classics. We got an amazing musician. And we made it sound classic, even though it's new. All the new ones sound kind of classic. I love a good christmas album. Will, I want to ask you about ecocycle, something important to you. Clothing and accessories all recycled. It's made out of postconsumer items. This shirt is made out of water bottles. We collaborated with ecocycle beats headphones. And headphones made out of plastic bottles. These levi jeans made out of bottles. I think that's really cool. Keep on working on that. And you, green mountain. Talk to me about this collaboration you're working on. We went to -- they cook me to -- I didn't know much about fair trade. They kind of -- sorry. They kind of enlightened me on what fair trade meant. We're doing concert on green mountain's facebook page. I'll be talking about my trip. And how people get a good price for their products. And I got to meet all of the farmers. Two tremendous artists giving back and giving us, right now. Are you ready? It's time for you guys to give us our american music award nominations. Okay. Do we want you guys to go up to the podium? Yes. And bring it. Get on up there. This is a first, everybody. First time the ama nominees are being announced on "gma." Okay. In the pop or rock music category, the favorite female artist nominees are -- pink. Rihanna and taylor swift. In the r&b music category, the favorite male artists are, miguel, robin thicke, and justin timberlake. That's really tough. Wow. And in the new artist of the year, presented by kohl's category, the nominees are florida georgia line. Ariana grande. Imagine dragons, my favorite. And macklemore and ryan lewis. And phillip phillips. And the single of the year category, the nominees are -- "cruise" by florida georgia line. "Thrift shop," by macklemore and ryan lewis. And "blurred lines" by my home boy robin thicke, featuring pharrell and t.I. And the artist of the year category, the nominees are, i love them. Macklemore and ryan lewis. Bruno mars. Rihanna. Taylor swift. And justin timberlake. Is that it? That's it. Oh. What do I do? Waiting for a special ovation. Really live tv. Let's recap. You're going to announce the rest of the nominees later in the morning. Macklemore, ryan lewis, lead with three. They sang on our show this summer. One of the great tv moments. I know for all of the other anchors. They're up for best new artists. Imagine dragons. I love imagine dragons. They're good, too. Have you heard the album? They were on our show, too. We got to do the drums. Taylor swift, she's wonderful. Two awards so far. Justin timberlake, two nods. Robin thicke, who is having quite a year. Rihanna, she gets two. And florida georgia line for new artist of the year. And they were on "gma" to announce the cma nominations. You guys did a great job. Thank you. We nailed it until the end. Absolutely flawless. We didn't know the end. I was getting ready to read your part. I know. Would you do me a favorite? Could you do that one right there? The american music awards produced by dick clark protections broadcast from l.A. SUNDAY NOVEMBER 24th, AT 8:00 P.M. On abc. For information about the awards and how to vote, go to goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! Good. Now, to sam for the final

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