Kevin O'Leary Speaks Out on Political Aspirations

"Shark Tank's" Kevin O'Leary appears live on "GMA" to discuss his candidacy to lead Canada's Conservative Party.
2:57 | 01/19/17

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Transcript for Kevin O'Leary Speaks Out on Political Aspirations
We are back with our big board, sunny is here at the table with us across the way is Mr. Wonderful. Oh, my gosh. Great to be here. Let's start with you, because Kevin o'leary, the star of ABC's "Shark tank" announcing his candidacy to lead candidate's conservative party and try to defeat prime minister Justin Trudeau in 2019, and Mr. Wonderful, let's see here. Businessman, reality star, now, what does that sound like about to become president of the United States? Any similarities there? You know, what is it about marking for mark Burnett that makes you want to lead a g7 country? But there's some similarities but really quite a difference. Canada is a completely different society because we actually have two culture, French and English. Two official languages, Francois and anglais. That's about to change. When trump becomes president he's talking about putting policies in place that have many Canadians concerned because he's going to lower taxes. He's going to deregulate oil and gas and may put border taxes in mace and Trudeau has gone the other direction and added carbon tacks and made tacks much higher personally and many Canadians are beginning to realize, uh-oh we didn't realize trump was coming and who will negotiate with Donald Trump? That's what is so interesting about the Canadian situation. A lot of angst now and they're looking for new leadership. Doesn't he already sound like a candidate? I was going to say, okay, speaking of new leadership you have to face off against 13 other candidates. Yes, I do. What made you throw your hat into the ring? This is a big decision for you. You're a busy man with a lot of different things going on. You know, I'm not a politician. I don't owe anybody any favors. I've never been involved in politics and if you're watching what's happening all around the world, it's not politics as usual anymore That's true. People want different kind of leadership. They want someone who is actually has a track record in managing something. Not just the same old politicians. So, I'm facing off against good men and women, but they're all politicians and all of a sudden we've got millions of Canadians who got to know me obviously through television and that's what's interesting is you're starting to see a lot of politicians emerge using the platform of television because really after eight years, people know me quite well on "Shark tank" all around the world, frankly and in Canada as well but they want something different. I'm that change agent. Wow. Wow. I'm mesmerized. I haven't ever heard you speak like that. It's going to be an interesting journey but I think Canada is a really great partner of the United States and we've got to get back in sync with it but Donald has made it clear it's not business as usual and here it comes so we'll see interesting times as we will in America. There is no question about it. We can't wait to see and keep our eye on you, see how you're doing and good luck with that. You have a battle ahead of you

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{"duration":"2:57","description":"\"Shark Tank's\" Kevin O'Leary appears live on \"GMA\" to discuss his candidacy to lead Canada's Conservative Party.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44880011","title":"Kevin O'Leary Speaks Out on Political Aspirations","url":"/GMA/video/kevin-oleary-speaks-political-aspirations-44880011"}