Kristen Bell And 'Veronica Mars' Cast Reunite For Spinoff Series

ABC's Dan Kloeffler has the latest in the 'Pop News' midday buzz.
3:02 | 08/13/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kristen Bell And 'Veronica Mars' Cast Reunite For Spinoff Series
Good afternoon I'm Dan -- had a top five stories. Right now coming in at number five brace yourselves Rudnick Mars fans because they gang. They're getting back together Kristen Bell and team they're regrouping -- -- web series called play it again -- The show revolved around Ryan Hansen will be playing two characters one based on himself the other. His Veronica Mars Alter ego Dick Cassel like us Kristen and the rest the team -- label their original characters and themselves so. Double the fun -- that reunion began coming in at number sport today the guardians of the galaxy soundtrack has just make history. For being the first soundtrack without original -- to land the number one spot on the billboard charts. Known as awesome mix volume one the marble soundtrack features songs from David Bo Jackson 5 and of course loose -- hooked -- -- Phelan. That is your your -- for the day -- it is the second movie soundtrack is -- to reach the top of the hot 200. Follow and of course the success of frozen which is still sit in at number six on the charts refusing to let it go. At number theory. Victoria's Secret supermodel doubts and cruise is sharing her new mother -- on this program that 49 year old posted this photo of herself -- Newborn daughter. Milan -- made with the caption. Best feeling in the world. -- board two weeks ago and -- and has been sharing a little ones first milestone that social media now like this picture of the families first -- trip together. And look at this beautiful picture of Big Brother bill and looking very excited to -- little says. Coming in number two and training on Twitter it is international left handers day. Okay here's the deal. We only may make up 10% of the population. But were a bright bunch we have -- liberty lefties including Oprah Winfrey Angelina Jolie Lady Gaga among us. And five of the last seven presidents have been left and it including president Barack Obama. And it's not just people it turns up 40% of cats are left -- -- and dogs will this is -- let tale of sorts with. Studies suggesting that when they wag their -- right to left that means they're happy. When they move it from left to -- They're unhappy. You know and now at number one having made no -- -- to have stumbled upon some dark magic. Somehow lost -- -- every time he catches sight of it -- and mysteriously goes missing somewhere between the -- and the wall causing some major -- fusion report now boy. Security unit for more -- news tomorrow for ABC news I'm Dan veteran New York. -- -- --

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{"id":24967463,"title":"Kristen Bell And 'Veronica Mars' Cast Reunite For Spinoff Series","duration":"3:02","description":"ABC's Dan Kloeffler has the latest in the 'Pop News' midday buzz.","url":"/GMA/video/kristen-bell-veronica-mars-cast-reunite-spinoff-series-24967463","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}