Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon open up about 'Story of a Girl'

The couple discuss the upcoming film that she directed and he stars in.
7:55 | 07/18/17

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Transcript for Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon open up about 'Story of a Girl'
I just love who is sitting here at the table with us. I can't help it. It is a wonderful Tuesday here in times square and it's about to get even better. Look over here. Now his real-life leading lady is directing him. How can that be? All right. How is that going to work? Give it up for Kyra sewick and Kevin bacon. Look at you two. You're like newlyweds. I'm a new Yorker too and I see you around the streets. That's Kevin. That's Kyra. We're really boring. But we are, though. You have been together 30 years. 29 years in September. Oh! Is it great being here in new York and you can kind of be -- Oh, yeah, totally. I walk around feeling like I'm anonymous most of the time. You know, it's most celebrity-friendly place to live, I think, because new yorkers, people sometimes think of new yorkers as Kyra said as being rude. They're not rude. They're efficient. They're busy and they just don't really have time, you know. Hey, Kevin, that's all. Totally like, in their trajectory. They don't care -- Hey, kev, beep, beep, your last movie, not too good. That kind of stuff. Let's talk about this movie. "The story of a girl." Your first time. Yeah. As a director and I had read you had been reluctant to direct before. What drew you to this. Yeah, I always said I would never direct. I think I was just scared. I think it was really just fear. But this is a movie that -- this is a book that I bought called "The story of a girl," young adult novel. In 2007 and I've tried to get it petition as an independent feature for ten years and wasn't able to and when I finally got the opportunity to possibly make it, I was sitting in a meeting with lifetime. I went into lifetime to talk to them about producing projects because I've been producing ever since I was 27 and they said you do you have a passion project? We're looking for female directors and I said "The story of a girl" and I want to direct it and I kind of turned around and said, who said that? Was that me and -- Take that. Yeah, exactly. And, you know, it was really beyond my wildest dreams. I just had the greatest time. Well, you've directed Kyra, right? Yes. Now she's directed you what was that like? Well -- I think -- I don't like to answer the how do you keep a marriage successful question but I will say one of the things is not to have too many I told you so moments in that would help, yes. Yep. But this is my I told you so moment because I always told her she should direct. Ah. And she didn't really -- You know, she didn't really listen to me and so when she actually did it, not only did she enjoy it, but she was fantastic at it as you'll see from the film and I was like, yeah, I told you so. Let's take a little look. Tommy, can you Twitter or whatever it is you do on that thing to all your millions of adoring fans and tell them we're having two for one pizza sale, pepperoni pizza next Saturday. Need a new marketing strategy. New? Uh-huh. Catch you on the flip side. I'd ask you to do the same but look at this thing. I mean, come on. It's like a dinosaur. Hello. It's for you, the '90s are calling. We just saw Kevin but this is the whole family is involved. Share with everybody. You know, that was sort of -- that happened very organically. I mean Kevin was always -- I was always hopeful Kevin would play this role of Michael. Tough to cast. Yeah, I know. He's impossible to work with. But you know sosi was not my idea, my daughter on "13 reasons why." She was kind of a -- the idea of my -- of the writer Emily lansbury and co-producer said what about her. I said, oh, yeah, of course and she was able to squeeze me in between jobs and then my son Travis who has been a musician since he was 12 and has been composing music, he, you know, read the script, said I would love to write a few cues and see what you think and I thought this is never going to work out because he's never done this before and I thought this is going to be a really uncomfortable situation to have to tell my son no and then the music was so stunning that we, you know, we -- we hired him and he just did an amazing job. It ended up being more than a family affair than I expected. Both kids in the business. How much is nature and how much is nurture? Oh, my god, I think so much nature. I'm telling you. I mean they came out who they are. That's the way we -- we feel that way. I mean I know I feel that way and I also -- but I definitely think they're born kind of perfect. You just have to try not to mess them up too much. So true. Have to let their perfect be their perfect. Right, exactly. You both have made it look so easy in this very difficult industry. As parents, your children wanting to follow in your footsteps in some way, do you find yourself being a little protective or just letting them -- Yeah, I think we do. I think certainly in our daughter's case because, you know, she's -- I cast her as a young girl in the first job that she did and I played the father. It was a flashback and she was playing Kyra as a little girl and I had to beg her to take off three days off from school anticipate she was like I can't miss that much school. I can't shoot you out in two days, it's got to be three days. She was only 10 years old and -- I know. This child. Eventually, you know, she went through a lot of things and was always kind of resistant of it but when she finally decided to come sort of back full circle to be an actress, I think that she -- we probably in other own way had given her a message that maybe it wasn't the best choice for a life, which is a hard message to give when things have worked out so well for her but on the other hand we've also have a lot of rejection and a lot of judgment and there's a lot of stuff that the slippings and arrows and in my son's case, I mean guitar was his first word. There was no stopping it. Like the train left the station for music like there was nothing to do about that. I know you jam and you do too, right? Well -- She's a ukulele player. I'm so bad. Four years ago I think Kevin gave me a ukulele and I love it. I love playing it. I'm just not good. She sure is. ??? Singing there. Come on. You're singing with us. Yes, that's right. Look how cute you are. On Instagram. Multitalented. That's your son above. No, my son is not there. I just decided to make it -- He's not there. You need to check your eyes. That's my brother. That was an adult male? Sorry. Let me tell you, he's going to be thrilled. I know. Mistook him for my son. Tell him I got him. Always here for him. Thank you, both, for sharing your vast talents. And congratulations. Lifetime, perfect home. Lifetime is doing some great, great things and so appreciate that and "The story of a girl" premieres July 23rd on lifetime.

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{"duration":"7:55","description":"The couple discuss the upcoming film that she directed and he stars in. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"48692256","title":"Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon open up about 'Story of a Girl' ","url":"/GMA/video/kyra-sedgwick-kevin-bacon-open-story-girl-48692256"}