Lauren Silberman Is First Woman to Try Out for NFL

Silberman says an injury prevented her from being accepted.
2:48 | 03/04/13

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Transcript for Lauren Silberman Is First Woman to Try Out for NFL
A groundbreaking day at the nfl combine on sunday. The testing ground for wannabe pro football players. A come tried out. Had a chance to talk to her. She enjoyed her experience. With one kick, lauren silverman shattered the glass ceiling over the gridiron. The first woman in history to try out for the nfl. Though not with the outcome anyone expected. All she wanted to do was make a field goal. Instead, she made history. The 28-year-old former college club soccer player competed for a spot as an nfl kirk alongside dozens of men on sunday. The first woman to ever audition. It's been a life long dream. It shouldn't be just for one gender or another. Someone tall or short. You should go after your dreams and make it happen. Reporter: Her tryout, the result of this cell phone video. Sheing her nailing a field goal at a super bowl fan event. While the m.I.T. Graduate never played football, she said she used video games to get a leg I used the game and tried to think about what I was doing on the field. Reporter: Her appearance at the regional combine on sunday was much hyped. Her performance fell short. The first kickoff attempt traveled only 19 yards. The second, just 13 yards. The result she says of an injury. The minute I touched the ball, my quad I could feel tense up and hurt. It was really painful. Story is not about making it or not. This is a message of saying, hey, girls can compete and try with the boys. So many young girls have reached out and said, such an inspiration. I'm glad nay have a visual model of someone in a role they might not have perceived women could be in. That, to me, is great. Reporter: So what's next? She hopes is skouds will give her another chance next year. As for her critics, who believe may have been a publicity stunt, she understands people may doubt her. She says she trained hard, this was no stunt. You were out there, what do you think? It's tough to tell. When someone zbets injured, it's hard to evaluate their performance. I feel like she was in a tough situation. She's going try next year. She slohopes. Wow, stay tuned. You're being really quiet, sam. A lot of young women out there like, I can do it, I can do it. Maybe it opens the door to conversation. Let's start with pictures

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{"id":18646440,"title":"Lauren Silberman Is First Woman to Try Out for NFL","duration":"2:48","description":"Silberman says an injury prevented her from being accepted.","url":"/GMA/video/lauren-silberman-nfl-tryout-soccer-star-woman-nfl-18646440","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}