Lois Goodman Sues Over False Arrest in Murder Case

The tennis referee accused of killing her husband serves up a lawsuit against the LAPD.
3:02 | 08/17/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lois Goodman Sues Over False Arrest in Murder Case
US open tennis -- -- once accused now cleared of murdering her husband -- serving up a lawsuit. -- -- was hauled away in cuffs in uniform before we're -- at the open. Now she says the police had to have known she couldn't have done it ABC's Lindsay Janice is here with more on this story -- Good morning Dan alaskans lawyer says she deserves compensation for what police put her through he says her reputation has never fully recover. This morning the tennis referee accused of beating her husband to death with a coffee mug last August is heading back to court. Only this time it's the Los Angeles police department playing defense. Goodman who is accused of murdering her eighty year old husband last year is suing the LAPD for false arrest and malicious prosecution. -- -- Prosecutors dropped the charges against Goodman after she passed a lie detector tests and police revealed her DNA it was not on the alleged murder weapon. She maintains that her husband died from an accidental fall. Rather than being allowed to -- for him for the next several months the LAPD -- gave her. And -- -- terror and finally arrested her. In the suit filed in a California court on Wednesday Goodman's lawyers claim that the LAPD subjected to -- -- six year old -- -- extensive public humiliation. Alleging that police told the media mrs. Goodman was having an affair and an Internet relationship with two officials which they knew was not true. Back on top of a very public arrest -- Goodman was walked out of court in handcuffs dressed in her US open uniform. Which her attorney say caused irreparable damage to her career and reputation pursuing for justice but the LAPD did to her was beyond the pale. Goodman spent exclusively to Good Morning America about the ordeal in December. I was shocked you know in the last thing I never thought was that I would ever get arrested. I didn't do anything after winning her freedom -- Goodman was given her job back by the US tennis association. This morning her attorney says she's suing because of something that -- -- is easy to recover. Like her reputation restored we want to make it absolutely clear that lady is innocent she was innocent a year ago. She's innocent today and what the LAPD. Did to where -- simply won't. Mrs. Goodman's attorney says that people point whisper at his 76 year old client wherever she goes that she does continue to work though and says she plans. To -- at next week's US open. Dan -- the legal expert it's as they have a -- Tough case anytime you sued the -- could hear any police department for getting it wrong very tough to win but look. I was on TV fighting -- Nancy Grace about this case rather saying it didn't seem like there was a lot of evidence but that doesn't necessarily mean. That you can successfully sue. The -- and I just and that's how I got it wrong how you beat someone to death with a coffee cup by -- -- house I'm losing she -- how how they elect humans reputation as part. Yeah well but that's what happens what when you get in an allegation in an investigation turns out not to be -- --

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{"duration":"3:02","description":"The tennis referee accused of killing her husband serves up a lawsuit against the LAPD.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19989203","title":"Lois Goodman Sues Over False Arrest in Murder Case","url":"/GMA/video/lois-goodman-sues-false-arrest-murder-case-19989203"}