'Macy's Believe Campaign' Recaps Season of Granting Wishes

Lara Spencer reviews the success of department stores holiday charity program.
3:15 | 12/24/12

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Transcript for 'Macy's Believe Campaign' Recaps Season of Granting Wishes
We have been getting into the holiday spirit all season long with the project near and dear to our hearts. About making dreams come true. Today, time for the finale. Macy's teaming up with make a wish. Your child's wish list can benefit a sick child in need. Take a look at what happened. Oh, my gosh! For the last 20 years, make a wash has been bringing smiles to kids of all ages by making wishes come true for kids with life-threatening medical conditions. This year, macy's joined in the program. In order to participate in the believe campaign, all anybody had to do was just write a letter to santa and for every letter received, macy's would donate a dollar to the make a wish foundation, up to $1 million. You ready to mail? The campaign has inspired children across the country to help out. Fold the letters. Right to the north pole, right? Kids likes gab yeriella miller, who has a brain tumor. She collected over 75,000 letters to help other kids get their wishes, too. That simple act is able to have a tremendous impact. Not just during the holiday season but throughout the year. Throughout the holiday season, we have been lucky enough to be present while some of these incredible wishes have been granted. Wishes to meet a favorite celebrity. Hi. Nice to meet you. Come on, buddy. Become a firefighter for a day. Why is that there? Hi. Hi, emeril. How are you? Even cook on television with their favorite chef. What are we making today? Lasagna. Yes! I'm in, I'm in. I had the best time of my life. I'll remember this forever. I can only thank everybody that's ever been involved. Thank you all. Thank you all for writing letters to santa, dropping them off at macy's to benefit this year's believe campaign. We're thrilled to announce that because of you, macy's and make a wish reached the goal of 1 million letters plus. And how. For letters dropped off on national believe day, macy's is donating not one, but $2. Macy's is providing a total of, wait for it, $1.5 million to make-a-wish. And thank you, to each and every one of you who did this and made wishes come true for so many children. To learn more, visit goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo!. We have more coming up. We have simple and simply

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{"id":18055158,"title":"'Macy's Believe Campaign' Recaps Season of Granting Wishes","duration":"3:15","description":"Lara Spencer reviews the success of department stores holiday charity program.","url":"/GMA/video/macys-campaign-helps-children-christmas-18055158","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}