One-on-One With Madonna

The queen of pop celebrates the premiere of her documentary, "Madonna: The MDNA Tour."
5:22 | 06/21/13

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Transcript for One-on-One With Madonna
like a girl gone wild ♪ Reporter: Incredible songs. And that relentless energy. All of this and more makes madonna the undeniable queen of pop. ♪ Give me your love give me all your lov today ♪ Reporter: For years, die-hard madonna fans have been showing her their love. And no madonna is returning affections. Hours before her concert event hairs on essex, the queen of reinvention herself, invited 500 of her biggest fans for a chance to workout with her. It would be a dream come true. Madonna. I'm ready. Born to dance. Reporter: Learning the moves, the megastar uses to train for her megatours. I'm so excited I made it. Reporter: And I was along for the ride. Fans getting a firsthand glimpse of what it takes to get ready, physically, mentally, spiritually, for a grueling world tour. Why was it important for you to show them what it was like to choreograph this routine? I think it's fun to share my workouts with everyone. Reporter: I watched your concert film, doing that in stilettos. We start practicing in heels that are not quite as high. Reporter: But that choreography crew criticism with the first act of her tour, relying heavily on the use of guns. Did you think of not including that in the movie? That would be like asking people not to have guns in action movies. The thing is, guns don't kill people. People kill people. The perception of the show is like an action movie. And I was playing a supervixen who wanted revenge. Reporter: You made a statement that you do not condone violence. That this is art and nothing more. Yeah. Reporter: There were several movies that delayed releases because of the shoots at sandy hook elementary school. That's not going to change the situation. It comes from fear and ignorance. And people not really raising their children and paying attention to what's going on. Reporter: Madonna for one, is keeping a close eye on her brood. The setime grammy winner's four children, joining her on the road. It's a family affair, with daughter lordes working behind the scenes. She works in the wardrobe department. She has a very unglamorous task of dressing and undressing all of the male dancers. Reporter: Are you serious? The male dancers? Well, we had a lot of mall dancers. It has its unglamorous moments. They're disgusting and sweaty and rude. And she took her job very seriously. ♪ Open your heart ♪ Reporter: Did rocco go tour with you? Yes. He is the showboat in the family. Reporter: Is he really? More than your daughters? Yeah. Reporter: You're going to have your hands full. I have my hands full. Reporter: Are you a strict mom? I would say so. My daughter got an iphone. She stopped talking to me. Reporter: What is it like to see your daughter at that age, 16? It's uncomfortable. She's my little girl. But she's also a woman. Reporter: And the rocco in the film is -- he's grown a foot? A foot taller. Facial hair, looking at girls' butts. It's terrible. Reporter: I have a quick lightning round of questions. What's one thing you want to change about yourself? My impatience. Reporter: Can you eat anything? I am quality of eating bars before I go to sleep. Reporter: French fries ever? Yes. Reporter: Biggest love of your life? That would be my children. Reporter: Might you ever get married again? I might. Reporter: Do you want to? I might. Reporter: How much longer do you think you'll be doing this? I don't know. I've always danced and exercised. I can't imagine not doing it. SO, I'LL BE IN MY 90s. And joining us now is madonna's trainer, nicole winhoffer. Girl, you are in fantastic shape. You did a great job last night. Thank you. I have to tell everybody, that routine we see you doing, is 50-times harder than it looks. I do workout. And I was sweating bullets. I left in 30 seconds. You do this every day? Yeah. Six days a week. If you want to look like that and get conditioned for a concert that's 2 1/2 hours long, you need to work out and make it part of your day. We know madonna's dedicated to fitness. She has her hard candy fitness series. That shows the workouts that you guys were doing with the lucky contestant winners. And many are here in our audience, right? Yes. They're all here. Are you with her on tour? Does she do all the choreography? And you learn it all? Yes. I learn the choreography. And implement them into our programs. What's great about hard candy fitness, we have eight gyms over around the world. They're doing the workouts we do in those rooms.

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{"duration":"5:22","description":"The queen of pop celebrates the premiere of her documentary, \"Madonna: The MDNA Tour.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19454998","title":"One-on-One With Madonna","url":"/GMA/video/madonna-interview-mdna-tour-documentary-workout-19454998"}