Magician Dan White Amazes Michael Strahan on 'GMA 40 for 40'

Dan White performs tricks for GMA's co-anchor.
10:49 | 11/18/15

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Transcript for Magician Dan White Amazes Michael Strahan on 'GMA 40 for 40'
So now I have a very special guests who a sort of he's sort of a a live being. Example how to incorporate fun into your life be the perfect example what have a talk about his main if Dan White he's in incredible magician and what better way. Bring some fun on for the said that with a magician but this guy just like any ordinary magician you know he's one of the coolest. I've met in school like this guy blatantly bad when I got it would side wants it on he's like I don't care both months and other good arm might oh damn that's what I'm talking about it don't Jimmy Fallon the big fan of the guy Kilpatrick pared to the big that it got. He now have the so called the magician. It has acted nomad hotel right here in New York City if you get a chance to go there check him out but let's meet him since he's here right now. Hey Dan. Quite big. Dread. Barbara thank you don't mind is Bob man so I'm guilty how long have you been into didn't matter what got. You went to match I've been doing magic since I was about ten years old men and started when my dad give me mad excess and it's no one of those things you see this Matty says it's beautiful and the full mystery that's like I don't know what this is about but you know I spend so much time working on N minister David Copperfield and all his other great magicians and it's become you know real passion and turned it into a profession does your data magician he's not he's actually a painter. The view of I gotta get my sons of the throwing near Obama occupied himself not about the timing you he had no right to it where it was going musician Jamie Mattison and that you know I'd turn bill yet so you bump the you have your own show depth and you have a lot of big dumb. Fans out there celebrity fan so. You know in these guys are magicians admiral Fallon and I know Neil Patrick here I'm pretty incredible images of himself at sizzle have you read any of them say hey. Did you do something that true you know when you work with other magicians it's sort of like they gave they see what you do in that respect euphoria there's some things that we for each other with but a lot of time is more like. Give you sort of props I like it did that yeah. Now. I want to learn something okay okay but. I ate it big. Read something that said that. You can trick the person like the smartest the smarter the president more aware of the perfidy of the evening they are to trick absolutely because they're looking too hard. Ed trying to figure out the trick but the person who is just kind of like. What's going on here. They'd they'd have a better chance of figuring it out yet sort of like the difference between kids and adults to like with the dogs magicians we sort of look at how people think in light where they're going to go so. Predictability is really important I know that a normal regular adult Lowe's sees something in and make the next logical assumption kids don't necessarily do that though just. Their eyes are completely everywhere and they're open to the world look at you know it's just everything's open. So because of that predictability and because of someone is very Smart you can sort of tell where they're going and you can't do that with the kids solves so you that you get tricked me. Now I mean united I think you're intelligent person so might be easier at the greeted Nokia have half. Yet you sing a first. I'm Minnesota yeah. If we go right. What you got from his past history what do what do you want to show here in arguments stand in of them I think you do it easier. Here standouts Lewis. I've. A pack of matches here ran vibrancy of the camera can check this out. New book which on these matches though the real meant to back on the task real matches yet I want you to touch when in his matches form. In urban grit that won on and beautiful death for second day you can depict anyone in these matches there are different and no matches here I want you to hold your left hand I mean they smash book right on hand but before you do that and take. The match close and tight. And take the maps that lined the front Arco. I think BR it bunch. Okay physical put them. My fear this might not. DC I think there you hand the warm and yes I'm. Energy coming energy the actors are open up your hands and open up the matches you just took one match that we burnt it and now inside the match back. If you can see this but there's one burn that number matter. Very pregnant. Worth the wait we're gonna take a step further because that's just weird that's just of message hey if it's very. That's is again home again real tired real tight squeeze and real tight around a complete clothes so perfect and we're NEC's playing cards Renton tanks we're gonna do the same thing. But these I'm gonna go through the cause of defense right there and I'm going to flip through them just like this and whenever you want to say stop that are very simple. Stop right there yeah look at back hard on clear yet remember yep camera gets it good remember what it is yet. I am plays his cards right in my hand you're thinking of one card right now if you can says stop anywhere you saw the cars are different. For the first time what. Is a corridor think enough for parts for parts yes. I just wave my hand over the deck the one car that you're thinking of disappears. Okay disappears. Tiger through that you'll notice that in the deck you pick the four parts to depict any card. There's at Oregon and now. Queens had aids threes states. That in that. Phone correspond yet you saw that absolutely. Remember how we did that thing with the match for put in my mouth and it ended up back in your hand. Would you be impressive before parts is in your hand right now if that economic address in my hand right now I'm a check my wallet makes democratic campaign. To be fair open opinions. Still matches yeah. Which he opened up them aspect Foreman. Old days if okay RA. I want I want to be the ones that it is there's further OK there's credit come. We've got a book on the table. My interest on them with musical whole book I've actually my face I actually started reading the book it's amazing that you hired by stepping and having autographed copy Foreman later on. But we'll use this for now I also have. You mentioned your wallet I mean give you my wallet and my dad that he knew who have put this in your backlog of on board since the perfect. And encrypt them playing card. From the pack here's we're gonna do. I'm going to flip through the book. Just like this news this bookmark this playing cards OK to market when ever you want them and go through registering to say stop whenever whenever you. Stop right there emblem quickened who quick test and I know we do it again thought that there aren't. There's inside the book right here and this is Gregory Thomas who stopped a bed just about yet. It with gonna happen is I'm going to open up the book exactly retirements that's up and I want you to memorize the top word on the page. And the page number opera returns so ready yet but could become upward in the page number. Okay you got it via upward. Haitian. Okay dipping into lower now I gonna try to guess what is Kate don't say it just think of it. Do you think you know word in a number correct me forgive me. This is. It's a heavy work but mean something yes. It's weird I'm getting. Squirrel like it's two things via its semi sense ignorant. As is the harper I'm. Seeing names. Names. That's on it. Sheen. That's my dad thing. Louise that's my mom thing. But doubt that wasn't the word don't know. I give my wallet right yes can you pull along with one. In semi was. To put something that's consumption and some want to want you to check it out in some alive but a prediction. A prediction. There's nothing else and someone law it ought to have my credit cars and want prediction and it. What was the word that you saw. Parents parents and cope. But let's take it a step further. I think a step further. Because you thought of a page numbers about right yes thought of the page numbers grow. I'm gonna give you the book right professor book only for your hands one hand on top one perfect. And I were you think of that page them. And I think it patient there's no way to get in or out of that book written upgrade now. For the first time what was a page can be thought of 7272. I'm going to rip. The page out of the book with Al me taking the book for me. A show you and we see this you might feel this. Well well well did you feel that like electricity. He felt that you felt that. You sit page 72 yeah. Q do you favor an open to page 72 in the book. Get a nice fish on that. And certainly to remove boo it is. Gone. Peace and. Okay okay. And you saw and you saw the word Ellis are due and it's gone like Susan. Retirement is keep that open keep that up because remember there's nothing else in semi while. Do in sum our law and now there's another piece of paper. Another piece of paid 72. News page 72. But not only is it page 72. It's the exact page seven through. The book that you've been holding. The whole time that says I'm really. Yeah I I. You dissing your copy could you toward a patient. Can't have had a I admitted that Dawson man you some decades old white hate and I would not want people. I don't know man out of outcome. Good to know that he there before I have to have you I gotta come see you can't white that the no metal to write in New York City you've got to go check them out.

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{"id":35289726,"title":"Magician Dan White Amazes Michael Strahan on 'GMA 40 for 40'","duration":"10:49","description":"Dan White performs tricks for GMA's co-anchor. ","url":"/GMA/video/magician-dan-white-amazes-michael-strahan-gma-40-35289726","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}