Emeril Helps Grant Wish of Recovering Girl

Rae Ann Reinhardt's health issues at birth have led to a life of numerous hospital visits.
2:27 | 12/21/12

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Transcript for Emeril Helps Grant Wish of Recovering Girl
all season long, we've been telling you about the macy's believe campaign, where every stamped letter you send to santa, and drop off in a macy's believe box like this across the country, macy's will donate $1 to make-a-wish, up to $1 million. We need those million dollars, by the way. Josh was lucky to be along for the ride to witness one of the wishes granted firsthand, with a little help from our friend, emeril. Look at what the wishes do. She's just so beautiful. She's just this tiny, little baby, who was already ready for the world. Reporter: From the time she was a tiny baby, she lit up the room, even though she was born with critical conditions. After a liver transplant, her parents were told there was no hope left. We were told, the situation was so bad, she was dying. We couldn't accept. Reporter: There was one, last chance. To take a small piece of her father's liver and make a new one for reann. Only after her parents begged. 18 hours of surgery, for father and daughter. A success. When I opened my eyes, my wife was crying. But the tears of joy. And I could tell it worked. Reporter: Her childhood was filled with hospital visits year after year. And with so much time be bed-ridden, she was a cooking show fanatic. Which brings us to her wish, to meet emeril lagasse. He was so confident. He gave me so much. Hi. Hi, emeril. Reporter: Last week, we made that wish happen, right here on "gma." The cheese mix chur. And do about three-quarters of a cup or so. Amazing story. And now, it's time to check in and find out how many letters have been collected so far. Drumroll, please. And the answer is, sam? 911,009 letters. That's so close to $1 million. Those dollars are ready, there to be harvested. Get your letter in here. We have to get to $1 million. To find out more on the macy's believe campaign, go to goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! Keep those letters coming.

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{"id":18035958,"title":"Emeril Helps Grant Wish of Recovering Girl","duration":"2:27","description":"Rae Ann Reinhardt's health issues at birth have led to a life of numerous hospital visits.","url":"/GMA/video/make-video-2012-emeril-lagasse-helps-grant-recovering-18035958","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}