What Makes an Award-winning Chef Nervous

Outstanding Chef Nancy Silverton only fourth woman awarded James Beard honor.
3:36 | 06/18/14

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Transcript for What Makes an Award-winning Chef Nervous
Hello I'm Dan Adler and this is newsmakers for ABC news and -- When the James Beard awards were handed out earlier this year the outstanding chef prize. Was present it to Nancy -- Overton whose team also culinary empire. Has been making waves congratulations. I'm your James Beard award that's have you been very exciting obviously was -- I -- that ward has long been dominated. By new York at the last time that ship from LA. Was awarded the the prize was in 1990. Yeah our early yet 1998 right by Wolfgang right artists and other you've got a significant win here on the west -- maybe things might change in the U that. Has -- but -- not only that -- A larger or more important. -- very interesting statistic is -- -- also only the fourth women it's wonderful. You know wonderful to be recognized by. -- spears -- that is the part that the most flattering. But it also causes you to become very perspective -- -- really desert. -- A customer that don't recognize. Runs up and -- congratulates -- and says you've got this award were so proud of you you deserve it I kind of cringe just a little bit side. Don't look guilty. Your -- There has been described as a member of the best and LA but. Really among the tops in the country what is so different about your pizza from -- -- in the ingredients from -- Seem very basis. Right so the pizza that I want it to -- and people always tried it sort of pigeonholed they do -- what is your piece is that Chicago is at New York is it didn't Neapolitan. And what it is it's sort of mine pizza in the sense that I knew that I wanted to combine my love of some of the -- that I make. Then. Kind of turned that into the kind of pizza -- want me. When it makes any -- it gets very puffy around the -- but. Once you buy into it -- what she -- into it it's just full of air pockets. Very high profile people coming three pillars. Do you -- get nervous. I think that. Asia I think they're far more nervous when -- fellow -- comes -- -- then. What you would think to be at -- like act. It for what it felt when I thought -- We will -- do you give it to get various. I don't get nervous with Mario but -- -- you do didn't really. When he -- it to. Even his inner happiness in times which is a -- for him in the city says. I'm under pressure. Are there any school charges. That you. Ice -- -- -- fast food and then what can I eat a lot of it doesn't make me sick but I don't. I like free goes but again to -- too much about Clinton but I love the freedom place. I know what the -- that's that would be -- is that really -- roasted peanuts. In the -- that he's had work to eat right and those I could probably. -- Excise equivalent. Large -- amendment could not -- they'll fix the.

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{"id":24188134,"title":"What Makes an Award-winning Chef Nervous","duration":"3:36","description":"Outstanding Chef Nancy Silverton only fourth woman awarded James Beard honor.","url":"/GMA/video/makes-award-winning-chef-nervous-24188134","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}