Mannequin Challenge Latest Viral Trend

The "GMA" team attempts the challenge live and moves on to discuss the pros and cons of being honest with your kids.
7:41 | 11/07/16

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Transcript for Mannequin Challenge Latest Viral Trend
Boo! Lara. The audience and crew, well, they're getting in on a little -- they're getting a little stiff this morning. Let put it that way. I guess so. The reason everyone here -- Oh, Brad. Looking good. Jesse looks frozen as well. Can we isolate our Pierre Thomas? Ver serious correspondent, Pierre Thomas. I don't want the see Pierre frozen. He's supposed to tell us if there's a terrorist attack going. I loved your eyes. That's good coffee. Everybody can unfreeze. I had not heard about this. Lara, this is the mannequin challenge. 1.4 million tweets with the hashtag mannequin challenge. The Dallas cowboys. Michael Strahan and the guys holding the pose as well. This is a trend that's going viral right now. On the internet. It's pretty cool. It is. Believe it or not, we think it was a 16-year-old girl, named Emily Adams in Jacksonville, with her friends. One day, hanging out. Having fun. Making all these poses, like mannequins. One friend said, put it online. Make it a challenge. This thing took off. Blew up. There's been all the other challenges. The running man. The ice bucket. Ice bucket. A plank challenge. A Harlem shake challenge. This one requires the least amount of talent. Just stamina. Who can hold a cup of coffee without dripping it all over yourself. It's gone crazy. Thank you, audience. Well done, guys. Pierre Thomas. Back to work. Now, we have parents in the audience today, right? Raise your hand are you a mom or dad? Here's the puzzle for the morning. 9-year-old daughter comes home, learn graetd new song at school. Sings it the whole way home. Says boy, I'm really great at this. I want singing lessons. Turns out she's not so great. Do you tell her or not? That was the question posed. 9 years old? Yeah. This was a question posed by a lady. I agree with you. I laughed when I heard it, too. You don't tell her. No way! She's 9 years old. Without a question. Your vocal chords are not fully formed. If she wrecks this child's dream. I love how much you love it. Keep on trying. What's the big deal. This was a whole thing about when is it too young to tell your child to -- That they're not good at something? Everyone has a different personality. It's true. You could crush somebody's deem? If you can't dream when you're 9 years old. If they say, I want to quit school and take singing lessons, that's a different thing. When do you not want to give your child a false sense of hope, though. Do you say, oh, my god, you're amazing. You have to temper it the. I have to ask you. What do you feel about that everybody gets a trophy, everybody gets to play. I like that. When you're young, I do. It's sprnt to guild confidence. There San age, I think, with youth sports. I think around sixth or seventh grade. A lot of pampbts don't like that. You can learn through losing as much as winning. If you don't let your kids win in game with you or something, they can't win at. Once they beat you, it's a big accomplishment. You don't let them beat you, right? They can beat me at a lot of things. It's okay. I love that. You know who is a real winner? The woman coming out here right now. You want to see who we're bringing out here? Would you please welcome to "Gma," welcome back Aly raisman. Yes. Hey, boo. How are you? How are you? Nice to see you. You have been keeping busy. I know. Thank you for is having me on. We love your dog, too. We can't wait to talk about the dog. We want to talk about other things first. Saw you at the cmas. The first ones out. Yes. It was great to see you all. We have been very lucky to present at a couple of things. We're getting the hang of it. When we hold hands, it's less likely that we'll wipe out. We hold hands. Walk slow. This time we were in gowns. We had to walk extra slow. Even walking out there, I'm like, don't fall, don't fall. Don't fall. You're a gymnast. What do you mean, don't fall? How nerve racking to teach the president how to do the splits? He wasn't very good at it. It wasn't that nerve racking. He couldn't do it. It's okay. He gets an "A" for effort. How do you teach someone who can't zmoit. We just told him good job. You just be supportive. He knew he wasn't good. He didn't really try. Of all the things to teach him, a split is -- It was his idea, so I don't know. Cart wheel. We should have asked him to do that. It would have been hard in a suit, though. Can't mess up those Armani threads. How is the tour going? It's great. We've been gone since September 5th. First show was September 14th. The last show wis in Boston, where I live. November 13th. 36 cities. 38 shows. We have been sleeping on tour buses. So much fun. It's a totally didn't experience. It's great for people to see our personality. We do gymnastics. We're having fun. The last number is mixing of '80s songs. We're all in bright colors. We have a really good time. Were you born then? Just checking. No I was born in '94. I know all the songs. The '80s are back. The '80s are back. Who is also back on "Dancing with the stars" -- She's so good. We love watching her. She's amazing. Is he enjoying it? That's me, Laurie? Or me? I can't tell? You're together. I hope I can go watch her again. She's so good. Did you give her advice? You did well. She needs to give me advice. She's so much better than I was. She always has had the "It" factor. Your eyes are drawn to her. She's such a natural performer. After this, when she's done with gymnast gymnastics. She's going to Bonn Disney channel. She's a star. She's so good. A great idea. They probably just picked up zplsh yeah, she's so bubbly. Disney channel, hire her.

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{"duration":"7:41","description":"The \"GMA\" team attempts the challenge live and moves on to discuss the pros and cons of being honest with your kids.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"43347620","title":"Mannequin Challenge Latest Viral Trend","url":"/GMA/video/mannequin-challenge-latest-viral-trend-43347620"}