Margot Robbie stole her '90s hair scrunchies from the 'I, Tonya' movie set

The actress, who plays controversial Olympic figure skater Tonya Harding in the new film, still wears the scrunchies from the movie's set.
5:07 | 11/30/17

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Transcript for Margot Robbie stole her '90s hair scrunchies from the 'I, Tonya' movie set
guest and we are bringing a great guest to the table bringing the infamous Tonya harding/nancy Kerrigan began scandal to the big screen. Please welcome the star of "I, Tonya," Margot Robbie. Yay. It's finally here. Welcome back. Thank you. Good to see you. Love the movie. Loved it. Loved it. Oh, my gosh. Long time. Thank you. That dress is divine. Isn't it? Wow. Trying to dress like a news reporter when I come here. Since you're at the table, at the desk. You know, welcome. Welcome to the show and we love -- this show and robin always talked about how incredible you are and how uncanny you are as Tonya Harding and how much did you know about the story before you did the movie? I didn't know anything. I've never heard the name Tonya Harding before. I read the script and when I read the script I thought it was complete fiction and I thought it was -- I was like, wow, this is so creative coming up with this crazy, bizarre stuff and love the fake mockumentary style and then I found out it was all true and I was blown away and fascinated. Did you have the chance to meet her. I did. I met her right before we started shooting. And? It was great, yeah. I had done all my character prep beforehand and decided exactly how I was going to play the character and I kind of wanted to keep her and the character separate so I waited till the last minute to meet her. That's interesting. It's not a facsimile. Because there's so much footage of her already like interviews when she's 15 to 44 when I play her from 15 to 44, I could -- and everything in between I could do all my research -- I could study her manner itches and accent and everything I did six months of studying her and then which met her I wanted to meet her as a person. Did she have any special requests or -- No, she was great about it. I mean we said to her this isn't a traditional biopic. Not traditional at all and it's not a documentary, you know, it's a feature film and we feed to have liberty on set to really run with these characters and let them do their own thing in that space and she was really understanding about it and really lovely. She asked me like how I was going with the skate training and was honestly more worried about me than I was about her. She was like do you need help? I can help train you if you want. Do you have your skates with you? How much did you train for it? I covered the story when working at ESPN and which was seeing the movie I was seeing Tonya. How much -- Thank you. It was all me. It wasn't. We replicaed all her skate routines like to the move so hopefully people who do remember it will look at it on YouTube and kind of see the comparison -- The triple Axel. The triple Axel. Even if I had 20 years to train, I was never going to be able to do a triple Axel and in fact no one could. Not even our skate doubles. They couldn't even do a triple Axel so we were like, well, surely -- no, I've never even attempted a triple Axel and sold we had to cgi. Only six women in the world have done a triple Axel since Tonya did 25 years ago. The first American woman to do it in competition. It's amazing. You want to see some of the film? Let's see it. Oh, my god. I mean, it was totally the most awesomest thing. Leading up to it, you're like, I can't do it. I can't. I can't. Bam. I can. All those people who said I couldn't make it, well, . I did. I proved every one of them. So nailed the look. And I understand that you sort of got into the '90s of it all. I did. Everyone keeps asking did you take anything with you from set. I was like the scrunchies. ING took so many scrunchies with me. I wear them all the time and started dressing very '90s as well. Rubbed off on you. And the skating, you touched on it. Much of it is you. You were a hockey player which I didn't know. Yeah, I mean that makes me sound like I'm really -- Ice hockey. I played ice hockey when I first came to America because I always wanted to do it when I was a kid but there was no ice where I grew up. I come from the gold coast, very coastal town but, yeah, figure skating and ice hockey it turns out are very different feats. A toe pick on those skates which I found out very quickly and got no padding on so when you fell, when you fall it's painful. Big rangers fan. Big rangers fan. Go, rangers. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. And the movie is "I, Tonya." It hits theaters December 8th. Make sure you go check it out.

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{"id":51477229,"title":"Margot Robbie stole her '90s hair scrunchies from the 'I, Tonya' movie set","duration":"5:07","description":"The actress, who plays controversial Olympic figure skater Tonya Harding in the new film, still wears the scrunchies from the movie's set. ","url":"/GMA/video/margot-robbie-stole-90s-hair-scrunchies-tonya-movie-51477229","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}