'Dancing With the Stars' season 25 pros revealed

Mirror Ball champ Mark Ballas says he's returning to the hit show after taking a two-season hiatus, because he misses "being creative."
6:19 | 08/24/17

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Transcript for 'Dancing With the Stars' season 25 pros revealed
We are counting down to season 25, 25 of "Dancing with the stars," just a few weeks away now and we are revealing the pros this morning. Starting with Lara in front of that mirror ball. Yes, very small mirror ball. We'll give you a few clues. This former pro is a two-time mirror ball champion. He took two seasons off to get married. Oh, and he starred on Broadway. Any ideas. Don't say it. Don't say it. The moment we've been waiting for, three, two, one, turn that ball. Mark Ballas is back, everybody. Mwah. Come on over. Ginger. How are you? How are you? Right here? Good to see you. Ginger, get over here. You guys danced together. Hey. Hi. It's great to see you if how are you? So good, thank you. Welcome back. Thanks, man. How are you? So happy when I read you were coming back. Thank you, guys, appreciate it. Coming back with that wedding ring. I know. I know. It's set in stone. And to one of the greatest girls in the whole wide world so congratulations. It's been an amazing year. Broadway as well. Yep, yep, we got married in November last year and at the sane time I was flaying Frankie in "Jersey boys" and finished January 15th and did touring and -- You couldn't stay away. You're coming back. Yeah, you know what -- Thank you. Yeah, after a year off you kind of see it with a new light and I missed being creative and miss my friends and, you know, the timing was write. Did you miss the nuttiness? No. I just miss the creative -- I miss the fans. I miss -- that's my favorite part of it so looking forward to being creative and doing what I do best and it's going to be fun. They miss you, mark and I have to say you mentioned frank si valley and Alexander. You were busy with that. I know you have to be in great shape to do dancing. Believe me I know and lately your Instagrams have been about working out. Yeah, I started a new workout program. I have this trainer back in L.A., Adam, who has been getting me in shape doing a lot of conditioning training, kind of switching it up. I used to do a lot of weights. When I was here doing "Injure question boys," I would swim 50 laps a day for breathing exercises but now we're doing a lot of the medicine balls and the weights and he had me dragging 100 pounds around the block the other day. Because you will be dragging 100 pounds. More or less. Yes. So as you now now today is throwback Thursday, your lucky day so we'll go back to the beginning and dug out of the vault your audition tape. Okay. Let's take a look. Let's do it. My dancing is -- I'm the rebel. I'm one of the rebels on the floor. I break the rules. I bend the rules but I do it so it's -- so you don't take offense. You find me cheeky and you think, oh, he's cute breaking the rules. Cheeky. Oh. What are you, like 16? I was probably about -- I think I was 19 or 20. You were the rebel. Back then in my Abercrombie shirt. So you're such a rebel and like to break the rules we would like you to break a rule and tell us who your partner is. Ah. I can't do that. No. Not that much of a rebel. I do know, yes. That would be -- a big reason why I'm here, I think. It's going to be an awesome partnership and that's all I can say. And you joked before that you'd like to have your wife as your partner on the show. I would. You did quite the number at your wedding. Any way she would come out on the ballroom floor. Never say never. She's a singer/songwriter first and for the wedding we were going to stand there and swayback and forth and like a week before she's like let's do something and did this tango and she crushed it. Like there's a photo of all of our friends like -- it was pretty amazing to watch. She Sauls says she can't dance. That's the photo. Look at everyone's face. Her hand is also in a really questionable place. You're married. Yeah. All our friends' faces are in shock. She's amazing. Team Ballas will be so excited to have you back. Two fans are more excited than anyone. We have a message. Go ahead. Welcome back. Yay. Hope you haven't forgotten how to dance now that you're a big Broadway star. We love you and I look forward to seeing you on the dance floor. Ah. Oh, mark, so good to have you back on the show. I love your vivid imagination and all that fire down below. Oh, my. I hope you're not rusty now that you're a Broadway star. Bruno loves to take his clothes off. He does. Take it all off. You're going to be competing against this season -- are you ready? So we have reigning mirror ball champ Emma slater is back. Yay. And Lindsay Arnold. We have Keo motsepe. Val chmerkovskiy is back in the ballroom. Hey. PETA murgatroyd and Maks, artem chigvintsev, we have sharna burgess and witney Carson

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{"duration":"6:19","description":"Mirror Ball champ Mark Ballas says he's returning to the hit show after taking a two-season hiatus, because he misses \"being creative.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"49391140","title":"'Dancing With the Stars' season 25 pros revealed ","url":"/GMA/video/mark-ballas-maks-chmerkovskiy-peta-murgatroyd-back-dwts-49391140"}