Mark Ruffalo dishes on his Broadway play 'The Price'

The actor appears live on "GMA" to discuss his new play.
5:23 | 03/09/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mark Ruffalo dishes on his Broadway play 'The Price'
I'm bringing someone special to the table. Let's welcome in star actor, Mark Ruffalo joining us this morning. Wow. Hey. Good to see you. Good to see you. Good to see you. I was telling you backstage you're just one of those people people cheer for literally. Do you feel the love. I do. Thank you. That's amazing. You haven't been here with an audience before. I haven't. This is new. I like the format. It's good. Welcome, everybody. Yeah. So we were just doing throwbacks and actually have a throwback picture of you. Can we put it up right now. There it is. Mark Ruffalo on the skateboard. We can bring that back. A while since you did that. I used to do that, yeah. Skating party. Oh. I broke my arm. Now you are back on Broadway right now. First time in ten years? Yeah, that's right. And a real classic. Tell us about it. What drew you to "The price"? Say that again. What drew you to this. I was looking into a play. Avengers were pushed for a couple of months and someone said what would be your dream right now and I said I want to do -- I want to get back on a stage with a great group of actors and just a straight play, no bells and whistles. Just actors, going at it on a stage and then next day I got an offer for this play. An actor fell out of it and they needed someone really quickly and in two weeks -- yeah, my prayers -- it was a prayer. It was a prayer. Well, it is a wonderful cast. What is it -- how do you keep your composure with Danny Devito? It's tough. Yeah, I bet. So, Arthur Miller generally isn't thought of as comedic but this is probably one of his most comedic plays and there's a whole act between Danny and I that brings the house down every night. And he is incredible in this. He is amazing. Jessica is amazing. Tony Shalhoub, the whole cast. He's never done Broadway before, has he? Danny, no, this is -- this is Danny's Broadway debut. Oh, wow. So talented. Must be great to work with Tony as well. Good old monk in I love that in they're amazing. That's an amazing cast. I love every one of them. I'm sure everybody saw "Spotlight." Congratulations on that again. And, of course, a lot of youngsters and all of us love you as the hulk and found some cool pictures that we want to put up and show everybody. Well, we know -- that's probably not part of your real costume, right? Those are actually the size of the hulk's hands. You get a lot of work done with those but in reality it is a lot of work to become the hulk. You have kind of sensors all over your body. Yeah, well, that's -- so it's a motion capture suit so that takes about a half an hour to put together. It's not like sitting in a makeup chair for seven hours. But those dots they put on your face is probably what takes the longest. We have pictures, I think we got another fun one if we go back to the play. Not that one. That is a fun one. I strained myself. You had a special guest already backstage. Oh, yeah. That was it. The man. The man. What was that like? You performed in front of the president, the former president, I should say, this was recently. It was pretty amazing. I didn't know he was going to be there. I came running -- I'm on the fifth floor in my dressing room so I come running down yelling, you know, and there I came running barreling down the stairwell yelling and there were four secret service guys standing there like. So you knew before you went on stage. So, yeah, I walked into Danny's dressing room like what's up with the secret service? What's up with that? I was like, pence? No. Trump? No. Who? Oh Obama, you idiot. Is it hard not to see him in the audience when you're performing? Yeah, it's hard -- it's hard not to want to look at him. Yeah. He's the show. But he was beautiful. They came backstage and were really kind to the cast and crew and really he's a big fan of Arthur Miller's and, yeah, it was a really sweet moment. Congratulations. Bittersweet. Thank you, yes. Welcome back to Broadway. Cannot wait to see the play. You can all cease Arthur Miller's "The price" now in previews officially opens March 16th.

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{"duration":"5:23","description":"The actor appears live on \"GMA\" to discuss his new play.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"46006227","title":"Mark Ruffalo dishes on his Broadway play 'The Price'","url":"/GMA/video/mark-ruffalo-dishes-broadway-play-price-46006227"}