McConaughey Open to Filming 'Magic Mike' Sequel

Actor discusses success of recent movies and the making of his latest flick, "Mud."
5:36 | 04/22/13

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Transcript for McConaughey Open to Filming 'Magic Mike' Sequel
matthew McConaughey, needless to say, is on fire. Critics have run out of superlatives. He's now bursting on screens again as a stranger whose life intertwines with two young boys who help him reconnect with the love of his life. It's an intriguing new drama called "mud." You don't need to be afraid of me. I have two ways to protect myself out here. This shirt and this pistol. There are fierce powers at work this the world, boys. Good. Evil. Poor luck. Best luck. We're men. We have to take advantage where we can. Y'all coming? There it is. HERE HE IS, matthew McConaughey joining us live. Congratulations on the film. It's really beautiful. Thank you. It's a beautiful movie. Tell us about mud. He's a mythical character. An outlaw on the run. On the run because he killed someone out of love. He has been in love with this woman for 40 years. However, 38, 40 years. He's really there teaching this young kid who is 14, going through that thing all of us go through at that time of our life when our idea of romantic love is hitting the reality. We're learning that mom and dad maybe get separated. The girl I got the kiss from in school may be telling me, no, i don't like you. That first time you get your heart broken, sort of. He's teaching this kid to say and telling him, don't quit believing in it. At the same time, he's having them aid and abet him. You're right. It's so beautifully shot. It was a mixture of huck finn meets the fugitive meets stand by me. Stand by me. It's got a lot of layers to it. And shot on an island in the middle of the mississippi. Yep. Which had to be vn as an outdoorsman to be an experience for you. It was great. Our only neighbors were two donkeys that came by the trailers each morning. And the tug boats on the mississippi river every night. And you stayed there for awhile to get in contrt. You talked about the flow of the river. And how it inspired your character. It was a luxury. We were working. But we had 10,000 acres with nobody on it. They said, you're welcome to stay here. I had the kids. I said, let's make it a nature adventure. It ended up being a great vacation. Two names nobody may have heard of yet. The director. And g yes thegentn there who plays ellis. Tye sheridan. He is magic. Go home. You know where I'm going later in the interview. Please. Tye is wonderful in it. He was in "the tree of life." He's really, really outstanding in the film. The story is about him coming of age. He's the 14-year-old I was talking about that we have all been at that time. It really is terrific. This was not the only one. "Killer joe." "The paper boy." You're in the midst of what has BEEN SAID a McConau-ssance. Do you feel a change? I heard that word. It's got a funny meter to it. Do you feel a change? It hasn't been as conscious as some people might say. It was what I said no to that opened me up to the other great things coming to me. It's an evolution of what I'm doing now. It started with "magic mike." Let's faith face it. It did. I think that's when people said wow. It was the wardrobe. An independent spirit award for a character you loved playing. That was so much fun. Will we see dallas again? I don't know. I have talked to channing. He's brought it up. They're talking about a "magic mike 2." Would you be into it? If it was the right thing. There he is. We just happened to pull that up. We have video of you, if it does happen, you're thinking about casting, we have other options. A clip of other possibilities. This was our take on "magic mike." There's magic josh. And there's magic lara. And well, sam is a firefighter. Magic sam. You guys are ahead of us. Some food for thought. If you need choreography work. You helped push the movie quite a bit. That's what george said, right? You did. I only talked about it, like, 900 times. You've got to be in it somewhere. Congratulations on the family. Ba number three is three months old. Livingston? Livingston. You're a busy man. I have a lot of customized things in my life. From yecareer to family. It's great time in my life. Thank you for being here. "Mud," everybody is terrific. It opens on friday. Now, we check out sam

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{"id":19014899,"title":"McConaughey Open to Filming 'Magic Mike' Sequel","duration":"5:36","description":"Actor discusses success of recent movies and the making of his latest flick, \"Mud.\"","url":"/GMA/video/matthew-mcconaughey-interview-magic-mike-sequel-possibility-mud-19014899","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}