Behind the Scenes at a McDonald's Food Plant

The fast-food giant reveals the secrets behind its most popular menu items.
3:09 | 10/13/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Behind the Scenes at a McDonald's Food Plant
#Socialsquare. Time for "The morning stir." McDonald's, as you have never seen it before. This morning, revealing secrets to some of your favorite menu items. Gio Benitez got unprecedented access inside the fast food giant's operation. Reporter: The iconic burg joint. McDonald's. More than 70 years with the famous smile. For long, some customers have not been smiling. Questioning hour their food is produced. A process most of us have not seen. Until now. This is it. This is the first time you're letting a crew in here? Yes, this is the first time. We're making history. Reporter: Wow. We're walking into one of McDonald's top secret food plants. Here you are, opening your doors to us. Yes. Reporter: Why? We're starting on a journey called our food, your questions. We want to open the doors an let the customers ask us questions and give them the answers. Reporter: It won't be easy. Americans have had tough questions. Right in McDonald's latest commercial launching today. I think it's disgusting. Does McDonald's even sell real food? Reporter: We suit up in sterile wear. This is beef trim. It comes from familiar cuts like chuck and round and sirloin. Reporter: McDonald's says the patties are 100% beef. The recipe is nothing more than a blend of leaner beef trim and fattier. You buy an 80/20 blend at the grocery store. Reporter: Letting the public see this all can be risky. But with so many people on social media able to affect a company's image, transparency is key. Millennials are driving the food bus. They're going to other establishments that are offering better, healthier fare. And they're trying to catch up. Reporter: This morning, right to chief brand officer for mcdonne McDonald's. Do you think this is being done to improve those earnings? It's not linked to the business performance. It's making sure our customers truly know the story about McDonald's food. Reporter: There will be families who still say, you know what, the food at McDonald's is just not healthy enough. I won't feed it to my kids. What do you say to that? I would say don't judge us before you know us. Reporter: So starting right now, McDonald's wants you to bombard the company with questions on Twitter and Facebook. It will be very interesting to see what the conversation will be like. We're going to see what the other companies might end up doing. We have a lot of questions for all of them. You spent a lot of time there this the plant. How clean was it? That shocked me. It was pristine. The employees were walking around wearing the sterile gear. It looked like this was routine. Get to know them before judge judging.

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{"duration":"3:09","description":"The fast-food giant reveals the secrets behind its most popular menu items. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26155391","title":"Behind the Scenes at a McDonald's Food Plant","url":"/GMA/video/mcdonalds-scenes-26155391"}