Meet the finalists for the 1st Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition open casting call

The six finalists chosen from the magazine's first open casting call for its highly anticipated Swimsuit Edition appear live on "GMA."
5:13 | 11/01/17

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Transcript for Meet the finalists for the 1st Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition open casting call
The finalists from the "Sports illustrated" swimsuit edition's first ever open casting call, real women competing for the cover. We'll talk to those women in a moment but first here's a look at how they were chosen. For decades fashion superstars have graced the pages of the "Sports illustrated" swimsuit issue from Christie Brinkley to Heidi Klum, even Beyonce but earlier they launched its first ever open casting call. I believe I have what it takes to be "Sports illustrated" next month's model. Inviting women of all sizes and shapes to strut their stuff for the chance to become a "Sports illustrated" swimsuit model and appear on that coveted cover. I'm a middle size model. I fall between the classic modeling size and plus size. Reporter: Over 5,000 women responded. Each of them showcasing their own unique personals and backgrounds. I would love to see more women who look like me in "Sports illustrated." It's just the latest example of an industrywide trend towards showcasing the beauty of everyday women. Beautiful. No matter what shape or size. I'm thrilled. Talking to "Sports illustrated" swimsuit editor M.J. Day. We never met. Heard such great things about you and love this idea. How did you guys come up with it. We are looking for the next Christie Brinkley so we decided to put it out there to Instagram and we got over 5,000 applicants who wanted to be a part of the "Sports illustrated" swimsuit issue that represent all walks of life, all levels of experience and all different types of beauty which did what the swimsuit issue is about. Absolutely. So did you find your next Christie brinkleyy do you guys want to meet the finalists. Klaus Klaus. Iyonna, Camille, tabria, Olivia, Haley and Allie. Come on out. Wow! Hi, girls. Congratulations to all of you. I'm going to start with iyonna. You are currently a security officer. Yes. You have a red belt in tae Kwon do. Why is it important for you to see more women like you in the pains of "T.I." Because where I come from there is not a lot of big opportunities so I would love to inspire and motivate people to just go for their dreams. Look at that I love that picture of you. That's fantastic. Wow. I just saw the peek of your swimsuit picture. Rocking it, girl. That looks great. Thank you. Camille, you're experienced a former new England patriots cheerleader inspired you. You want to empower women. How will you use the platform should you get it. This is the first time I dipped my toes in the modeling industry I wasn't told I needed certain measurements, so refreshing to me, mj. She embodied me the way I am. That was the best news I could get and being amongst the imagines in the issue I only hope to inspire my teammate, strangers, womens of all, shapes, shapes and colors to love the skin you're in. Standing next to you, tabria, your goal is to land the cover. Wink-wink. If you do land it, what would that mean? Well, landing the cover of any magazine would be amazing. But more importantly it's just about expanding diversity within the fashion industry, because I want to continue to represent for the women who have been underrepresented. All right. There you go. I feel like I'm at miss America. Olivia you were crowned -- speaking of which, miss usa in 2015. How does that compare to that. This is such an amazing experience. This was always the ultimate dream. I was hoping miss usa would open doors, but luckily in that I learned how to use my voice and just take every opportunity to show people that if they are themselves they can go make mare dreams come true. I love it. Thank you. One at a time but want everybody to meet Haley and Haley is -- I mean, like a rocket scientist. Background in science, graduated Zuma cum Laude. Published award winning immunological research. I can't say it. You did it. I love you can be a scientist and be a swimsuit cover girl. What a combination. Yeah, absolutely and I would love to encourage young women in the sciences. This very underrepresented in the S.T.E.M. Field but my mother taught me there's nothing more pow powerful and beautiful woman but an intelligence woman. I don't have time to you but you get to take a walk and a strut. Work it, girl. Mj, take another close look. Come on over here and give me a hug since I can't talk to you. Sorry we ran out of time. This is a great idea. Looking forward to seeing more attainable beauty, real beauty, real women and you guys are a great example of that. Thank you and best of luck. When do we find out? February. February. Everybody. They'll all be in the February 2018 issue when we head to Belize and we shoot them for

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{"id":50852562,"title":"Meet the finalists for the 1st Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition open casting call","duration":"5:13","description":"The six finalists chosen from the magazine's first open casting call for its highly anticipated Swimsuit Edition appear live on \"GMA.\" ","url":"/GMA/video/meet-finalists-1st-sports-illustrated-swimsuit-edition-open-50852562","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}