Meet the man who attempted to be Tom Brady for a week

Michael Kaplan discusses what went wrong when he attempted to emulate the NFL star's life for a week.
2:54 | 02/02/18

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Transcript for Meet the man who attempted to be Tom Brady for a week
love somebody who is not eating this. Where are you at, Michael Kaplan. You're not eating this shake. You know why you're not eating this shake? Because he follows a very strict diet regimen because this is the man who lived like Tom Brady for a week and Tom Brady outlined it in his book "The tb12 method" and he's one intrepid "New York post" writer and wrote about it for the paper. Michael, I got to say it's not an easy thing to do. And you were wearing those -- you got on the Tom Brady pajamas right now. Yeah, they're so comfortable. I had to wear them? They're supposed to rejuvenate your body as you sleep. They're supposedly -- your body gives off infrared wavelength, they capture them and reflect them back. These are incredibly comfortable pajamas. You wear them in the street like this. Not in the street but I have taken around to lounging around in my home and I have two teenage daughters who have told me I look completely ridiculous. You tell them I feel like Tom Brady, though. Exactly. They're jealous. You talking about the sleep but also we notice you don't eat shakes like that. No. Because Tom Brady does not eat shakes like that. He's an electrolyte man so tell us about this enhanced water you were drinking. He spikes his water with electrolytes. He drinks 150 to 300 gallons -- gallons? Ounces a day. Not gallons, not gallons, ounces a day and -- I almost ran to the bathroom for you. I was going for 200. 200. 200 ounces a day. How did you do with that? It was good. I made a lot of runs to the bathroom. Rightfully so. But also his diet is super restrictive. We see you have thereen drink. What is that. That's made with kale, celery, cucumber. He drivens it every morning. The diet was relatively easy during the day. At night, though, when you're in a restaurant and carting out the wine and bread, it gets a lot more treacherous. A little hard and another thing you didn't think was going to be that tough until you did it, exercising. That's right. He has a little band that -- I looked in the book and see him using these giant rubber bands and I'm like, okay, this is a joke. It's not a joke. Especially when you're doing the push-ups. He has the bands around your waist so you're going up and down with push-ups and gives a good piece of advice, before using the bands make sure you can do a push-up. Of all the things had you to do what was the hardest part of it all. Having to wear the Jersey on the street. Walking down 49th treat with a Brady Jersey, that was tough. What was the response? Well, one guy said to me it could be worse. You could be wearing a red sox Jersey. Oh. That's pretty cold. Yeah. I got to tell you, thank you for living like Tom Brady. I see the resemblance too. We could be mistaken for brothers in thank you so much. Appreciate you, Michael.

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{"id":52783748,"title":"Meet the man who attempted to be Tom Brady for a week","duration":"2:54","description":"Michael Kaplan discusses what went wrong when he attempted to emulate the NFL star's life for a week. ","url":"/GMA/video/meet-man-attempted-tom-brady-week-52783748","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}