Melissa McCarthy Discusses Her Role in 'Spy'

The star funnywoman plays a CIA analyst with a secret crush on agent Jude Law.
6:47 | 06/01/15

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Transcript for Melissa McCarthy Discusses Her Role in 'Spy'
I'm just here having the best morning right now because I'm with one of the funniest women on the planet. No pressure. Melissa Mccarthy. Wow! Telling you. And there are no lights flashing. That's all from the heart. Baby. Her new movie "Spy" hits theaters this Friday. She plays a cia analyst with a secret crush on a secret agent Jude law. ? Hey you're so fine hey Bradley ? That's his character's name. Just in daily life I cheer for him. And he appreciated that. He's -- I mean, 'worthy of a good couple of cheers in the morning. You're going to see why in just a moment because she's working behind the desk, her character and she can save the day from behind the desk and hold on to some dignity, as well. Now. Close one! Nice work, coop. I could kiss you. Oh. Well, I would -- I would accept that with an open mouth. Just throw that in a little bit. Just an offer. Just a casual R. We always enjoy when you stop by here and it seems like every character you come back with is funnier than the previous one. Tell us about coop. She's -- you know what, I fell in love with her kind of immediately. I think I was on page 4 or 5 and I started screaming to my husband Ben, I was like, I love her. I think I really love her. He's like, okay. You're three pages in. Can you read the whole script? I was like, I really love her. What was it about her? She had such a good heart and I love that she was -- not often you get to read a really smart female character that's really capable and that -- she was still really sweet and then to watch her kind of start out at "A" and end up beyond "Z" to do that arc with a character and still be funny and still have a ticking clock and to kind of get that much action into one movie I just thought, oh, my god, if we can pull this off it'll be fantastic. There was a lot of action hanging from the helicopter and all that. Yeah, yeah, being climbed by -- I mean -- we did that for 3 1/2 days so hanging from a helicopter for 3 1/2 days and at a certain point I was like, what is happening exactly like if ten years ago you would have said you'll be hanging from a helicopter with Jason I would have been oh, you've gone crazy. We were doing it. I thought there would be a trick to the action. I was like how will it look like you'll be hanging from the helicopter. The trick is you're going to be hanging from a helicopter. Oh, all right. And the motorcycle and high heels. Craziest thing but I loved the action. I loved it. I don't know what that says about me but I'll take every bruise again. You talked about Jason. This cast, come on. Pretty dreamy. Jason. She played two characters. She played rose's character and rose's hair. As we -- do we have clips of the hair because you were looking to see what would come out of it every time -- I always wanted to weigh it. I wonder if it weighs the same or more than rose because it was -- I was impressed she could keep her neck up -- it was at least a foot high at times. Impressive. You had a couple of wigs on. I like me some wigs. You were sporting -- what was on the bbc that I saw recently and they were showing -- yes, yes. Oh, god. Was it -- Yes, that's it. Oh. What was that? I got flushed hot like I'm having -- someone talked me into if I wanted to be a real actor I needed to do character shots and I said I find them crazy but I think they meant like a cop, a waitress, a working stiff. I didn't really understand so I just did characters. I didn't know it meant something hirable. So I did strange characters that I had been working on at the ground links theater and when they came out, who is going to hire like a 26-year-old dressed like an old woman in -- making weird faces? Shockingly I didn't get a lot of work from those. Oh, but because of that, that inspired you when you went into audition for "Bridesmaids" didn't you kind of -- you didn't really audition the way they wanted you to. You kind of used your background. I did and also I was with -- I was running -- I was running to -- with Kristen wiig and trailed off in my head and we just started improvising and when I left it got so strange with romantic encounter with a dolphin that by the end I left in the whole car ride I was like, oh, my god. You had one shot and you just talked about being romantic with -- the whole way home I was like, you have no sense. Have you no sense sometimes so when they called and said I got it, I literally was like -- is this a prank? Worked. Led to an academy award nomination. Still remember you will on the red carpet with your mom. I have the picture of the three of us talking in my office. Kristen wiig, "Ghostbusters." Delicious. I cannot -- we start that in like three or four weeks and I can't wait. Those women with Kate and Lesley, it will be a good time. And reunited with your director coming here. He's the best. He's truly -- he's the kindest most free-thinking fellow in the world. He sees no boxes for people to fit into and it's just -- it's a very joyous thing. We saw that with the movie. I love your boss was a woman. Doesn't occur to him. I don't think he's trying to -- everyone is like he's figured it out. No, he's not thinking about it. He doesn't put limits on anything and that's where his real genius comes in. His heart. How the girls -- brought them to Budapest with you. We've been all over in Atlanta, Chicago, we're officially turned gypsy. Well, it is always -- a little cameo from your husband, as well. Tell him I like pop ice better too. I will tell him. I'll spread the word. You have to stay through the credits, stay seated through -- All the way through. There may be two -- that's all I'm going to say. Two rounds of it. Oh, really. Did you see the very, very end. Yes, I did. Remember, I got -- Oh, no. "Spy" opens. See now you got to see it. Then you'll know what we're talking about. "Spy" opens nationwide on Friday. Once again, Melissa Mccarthy, gracious to be here at "Good morning America." Thank you. Really wide awake.

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{"duration":"6:47","description":"The star funnywoman plays a CIA analyst with a secret crush on agent Jude Law. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"31441453","title":"Melissa McCarthy Discusses Her Role in 'Spy'","url":"/GMA/video/melissa-mccarthy-discusses-role-spy-31441453"}