Marcus Samuelsson's Memorial Day Recipes: Jerk Chicken

Marcus Samuelsson serves up a refreshing feast to kick off the summer months.
3:21 | 05/27/13

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Transcript for Marcus Samuelsson's Memorial Day Recipes: Jerk Chicken
welcome back, everybody. We are so happy to have our friend, marcus samuelsson, with us in times square. His "new york times" best seller, "yes, chef," is in stores in paperback. Congratulations on that. Such a great read. Heaven. Josh and sam, don't be jealous. We're having a memorial day feast for the ages. You're going to love these recipes. We start with jerk chicken. This is when memorial kicks off officially the grilling season. I want to do something I learned when I was down in jamaica, jerk chicken. Those are scallions. And add a little bit of the cinnamon. All of it? Jerk chicken has a lot of spices. All of the garlic? And the chiles. These are spicy. Add it in. What is it? This the a little bit of cardimom. And then, we're going to blend that. Ready? Go ahead. And then -- like that. All right. All right. This is magic television. Consider it blended. W our jerk sauce. And this goes on anything. On your park chop, your vegetable, on your chicken. This goes on vegties? It smells so good. Lara, what do you like to grill summertime? I love all vegetables. I love chicken. I'm a great souse chef and cleaner. I like the recipes because they're doable. If you're a chef, you have to do a lot of cleaning. In the kitchen, the only word you can say to the chef is yes, chef. That's the name of the best seller. We grill the chicken. Have some corn on. We need something to set it off that's not so spicy. We have to do a slaw, with celery, apple. A little bit of mayo. Cabbage. And a little bit of nuts for crunch. And you can add in the lime juice. I would be honored. Now, we have a really light -- I'll do that. You have a light mix. And then -- a little bit of fun. A little bit of crunch. You know, great sandwich has to be -- have some heat. And you have to have something that takes off the heat. Yeah. And then, we're going to add -- I will take this. For rhubarb pie. Amy is baiting me that she's allowed to eat. I already ate my sandwich. The chicken. Do you like the sandwich, guys? Love it. Look at that. Look at that. Also, lemonade recipes. All of these. For the chicken, for the pie, and for the wonderful lemonade, all on our website, goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! "Yes, chef."

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{"id":19264262,"title":"Marcus Samuelsson's Memorial Day Recipes: Jerk Chicken","duration":"3:21","description":"Marcus Samuelsson serves up a refreshing feast to kick off the summer months.","url":"/GMA/video/memorial-day-recipes-strawberry-basil-lemonade-rhubarb-cobbler-19264262","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}