Michelle Obama Prepares Healthy Snacks on 'GMA'

Chef Marcus Samuelsson helps the first lady cook up delicious and low-calorie treats.
3:51 | 02/26/13

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Transcript for Michelle Obama Prepares Healthy Snacks on 'GMA'
We're back with more from michelle obama. The let's move campaign is in its third year. They're showing thousands of recipes with the my plate program. Marcus samuelsson joined mrs. Obama and robin to whip up a few of them. We're moving here in the kitchen, with mrs. Obama and marcus samuelsson. You know him from red rooster here in new york city. One of my favorite restaurants. That yard bird. Today, we're not cooking yard bird. Today, all about the healthy meals. So, you know, you gave us a challenge on my plate. 50% of the plate should be vegetables or fruit. I'm going to do stir fry. If you put in a little bit of orange juice, garlic. Already off to a good start. This is one of the my plate approved recipes that people can go online. This is meat. It's lean meat. It's flank steak, which is a lean cut. And it's quick and affordable to do. That's the point. You look on my plate, there's over 3,000 recipes that you can look up, as of today. And there's going to be more. Absolutely. All healthy, great recipes, that the partnership -- this is homework. I know. Marcus is our guy. Listen, I do the homework. He's one of the chefs that's showing the nation how to cook healthy but also with that core essence. You can do both. Put a little onion in. And a little bit of curry. And tomatoes. Just cook this off. And I have here, vegetables. This is going to be the hardest thing for kids to love. You have to make your vegetables flavorf flavorful. And we're going to have sesame seed and onions. They're little pieces. And this is the broccoli. Could be any green. How many mothers who have been working, they've been building their careers, it's not just mothers. It's parents, generally. You don't learn how to plan a meal. You don't learn how to figure out how to make a week's worth of food. That's why people end up eating out. This is true. They have a resource. Eating out is not bad. It's not bad. Wait a minute. Not at all. Not at all. Much better. Eating out, especially at red rooster. It depends on where you eat out. Right. You can get healthy food out. At the right places. I have to ask you this. When was the last time you were in the kitchen? I walk in the kitchen every day. Every day. When is the last time you prepared something in the kitchen? Oh. It's been a while. It's been a while. I have to say. You got this. Let it be known that I'm in the kitchen every day. Are you looking forward to the time when you'll be back and cooking for the family again? Absolutely. I enjoy cooking. Really delicious. Isn't that great. Just finding the time. And also, these recipes are quick. They only have a few ingredients because that's one of the things that these websites are finding out. If you have too many ingredients, they sound too fancy, people don't have the time. Right. Thank you, marcus. Keep eating good. Eating is one part of it. The other half, you have to move. Exactly. That's why we jump around. We jump around. Eating and jumping. Marcus, thank you. Mrs. Obama, thank you. Great to have you here. You can get all of the great recipes on our website. BON APPETIT. message

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{"id":18598225,"title":"Michelle Obama Prepares Healthy Snacks on 'GMA'","duration":"3:51","description":"Chef Marcus Samuelsson helps the first lady cook up delicious and low-calorie treats.","url":"/GMA/video/michelle-obama-prepares-healthy-snacks-gma-18598225","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}