Miracle Baby Born 39 Days After Mother's Water Breaks

Rachel Whitchurch's water broke after only 28 weeks of pregnancy.
2:52 | 10/08/13

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Transcript for Miracle Baby Born 39 Days After Mother's Water Breaks
You have an incredible story about a couple that struggled for years to get pregnant. Having a lot of trouble. And then, this baby was born 39 days after his mom's water broke? That's right. It is an incredible story. Doctors told mom, rachel, every day, she could keep her baby inside her. He would not have to spend in the nicu. And rachel held on longer than anyone thought possible. This morning, this healthy baby boy is being called a miracle. Yeah. Reporter: Rachel and jeff, now counting their blessings after five years of heartbreak. After three miscarriages, to finally have a baby that was doing well and have it past 20 weeks, we were thrilled. Reporter: When she got pregnant last year, the couple was cautiously optimistic. I was trying to walk that fine line between being excited that she was pregnant, and not too emotionally attached. Reporter: At 28 weeks into her pregnancy, whitchurch's water broke. I called up the doctor. He said come in right away. And I was thinking, this can't be happening. Reporter: Her water had broken at 35 weeks when pregnant with older son, t.J. But at 28 weeks, could mean serious complications. When a woman breaks her water so far from her due date, the number one concern is infection. It is literally a race against time. Reporter: Doctors hope they could prevent labor for two days. Instead, she held on for a jaw-dropping 39 days. I woke up every morning and thought, another day I just gave my baby. Reporter: A preterm premature rupp sure of membranes occurs in 3% of pregnancies. Eventually, the baby started to have little signs of distress. That's what led us to delivery. Reporter: After five harrowing weeks in the hospital, doctors delivered little gideon whitchurch at 33 weeks, via c-section. He spent five more weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit. He is now six weeks old, with a mom who said the fight was worth it. There's no -- we can hold our baby. There's no cords on him. We can finally be together as a family. Reporter: And just -- doctors told rachel, the longer she could hope to keep gideon inside her was seven days. Only 5% of women have actually done that. And ten days would be a miracle. So, 39 days, I don't know what we call that. A triple miracle. It really is incredible. That is incredible. Doing great, too, right? Fantastic. All right. Up next, sam, you mentioned --

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{"duration":"2:52","description":"Rachel Whitchurch's water broke after only 28 weeks of pregnancy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20503900","title":"Miracle Baby Born 39 Days After Mother's Water Breaks ","url":"/GMA/video/miracle-baby-born-39-days-mothers-water-breaks-20503900"}