Victoria's Secret Denies Clipping Top Model's Wings

Rumors swirl that Miranda Kerr's contract with lingerie company will not be renewed.
2:37 | 04/11/13

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Transcript for Victoria's Secret Denies Clipping Top Model's Wings
Victoria's secret only hires ten models to be their angels and miranda kerr, one of the highest paid has held one of those highly coveted spots since 2007 but now it seems her halo may be at stake. Her eyes and smile may be devilish but make no mistake, miranda kerr became a supermodel by playing an angel. According to at least one online report, the 30-year-old model may now be getting her victoria's secret wings clipped. There are claims that the lingerie empire won't be renewing her contract, a million dollar fall from modeling heaven. To walk into the victoria's secret show is a huge accomplishment in the fashion industry. Reporter: The wife of actor orlando bloom made angel history in 2007 signing on as at the first ever australian model to don those signature wings quickly becoming a household name and a spokesmodel for clinique happy and reportedly has a difficult reputation, demands a massive salary and is reportedly not a big seller for victoria's secret. A brand that's collection of models is just as important as the products they parade. The victoria's secret brand is bigger than any of the individual models' brands so that's why victoria's secret can get away with recycling models every few years. Reporter: Victoria's secret appeared to deny the rumors but hinted her busy schedule and other commitments from kept her away from the company more than it would like. The company telling abc news, it has no plans to stop working with her. Kerr has already agreed to walk the 2013 fashion show. Still while the victoria's secret catwalk was undeniably the foundation for the success of other big-named models from tyra banks to heidi klum and gisele bundchen all ultimately decided it was time to hang up their wings in order to line their wallets. All these other brands and companies come after them and they just kind of forget much the first person who put them on. At the end of the day it's not permanent. It's just business. The president of victoria's secret told us, miranda kerr is one of the best models in the history of the business. Sheels always be an angel to me. She is 30 which is it often the retiring age but also the face of her own brand of organic skin care products. She has lots of projects she's working on but none maybe as exciting as being a victoria's secret angel. Yes. 30 is the retire. By the way she was here. She looks 20 at most. All right, linsey, thanks so much.

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{"id":18931584,"title":"Victoria's Secret Denies Clipping Top Model's Wings","duration":"2:37","description":"Rumors swirl that Miranda Kerr's contract with lingerie company will not be renewed.","url":"/GMA/video/miranda-kerr-victorias-secret-contract-rumored-ending-company-18931584","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}