Despite Unlocked Doors, Some Kidnap Victims Don't Run

Some wonder how three Cleveland women could have been held captive for so long, as one claims.
2:51 | 05/07/13

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Transcript for Despite Unlocked Doors, Some Kidnap Victims Don't Run
Now -- the latest on that story you've been covering all morning on the three missing young women found in Ohio a decade. After they all vanished now reunited with their families -- questions about how they were held in captivity how they survive for so long. ABC's Lindsey Davis is tracking the latest and all this what's good morning. Good morning guys as we await the details were left questioning why did it take ten years to provoke those screams for help. One woman who knew Amanda Berry told local media she always knew a -- it was a strong willed person and eventually knew she would get out she says she just wonders. Why not sooner. A frantic 911 -- ten years in the making. Yeah. He helped hand what's going on there until -- have and I -- -- completely. Amanda -- now free after apparently being held captive only a short drive from where she disappeared. A decade ago but this morning their questions about how -- now 27 and two other women all three now adults could have been held against their will for so long mere miles from their friends and families Gina day -- -- is now 23 Michelle night. 32 they even seen themselves on TV. I'm very adamant I don't know -- dry cleaners okay I can't get there clearly hurting us. As they recover and adjust to their newfound freedom theory day he's Susan ninth are not alone. Similar cases to -- have played out before. -- mind manipulation. Plus the physical abuse when he suffered in the beginning. There was -- -- In the case of -- duke art and eleven year old who was kidnapped and held captive for eighteen years. She told ABC news's Diane Sawyer in her only television interview ever. That even when the doors were unlocked she never tried to run. Something always tell me back. It was like -- still have those -- -- You think you'll ever understand. Why you didn't -- And I think I'm Elizabeth Smart was fourteen when she disappeared and was found nine months later just eighteen miles away from home. She says she was simply too afraid to speak up or tried to escape -- is like you're losing control of everything valujet's. -- -- the world is coming to NN. In the next few hours or days most likely learn what kept these women in Seymour avenue house. The police -- As he believes that the women were tied up inside the house -- question of course where they always tied up what we know so far is that Charles Ramsey the man who helped demand escaped. Describes a scene yesterday as a woman going nuts to get out of that house and it's so easy to see you don't want opportunity have been. -- and more. Great news we've just learned that all three women. Have been released from the hospital and and that's a great sign that it's great integrates -- thank you.

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{"duration":"2:51","description":"Some wonder how three Cleveland women could have been held captive for so long, as one claims.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19124368","title":"Despite Unlocked Doors, Some Kidnap Victims Don't Run","url":"/GMA/video/missing-women-ohio-found-alive-decade-19124368"}