New Mobile App Helps Parents Keep Their Kids Safe

The app Companion allows parents to track their kids' movements and get alerts.
3:23 | 09/23/15

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Transcript for New Mobile App Helps Parents Keep Their Kids Safe
instead of his left. Reporter: Sands who is also LE ft-handed claims after sending the teacher a note the teacher responded with a message of her ow enn di sng this article home in the boy's school folder. Saying southpaws have often been considered unlucky or inauspicious and that some cultures associate leftiesps. These give you the location of your loved ones and what's new here, it's not just for the yellow school bus set. Late night, your college freshman walking across campus, it seems like yesterday you were holding her hand to walk her across the street. So what if she could reach out to a parent, one thousands of miles away to safely get her from the library to the dorm. I feel super comfortable using it and knowing somebody is watching me as I'm walking home. Reporter: Using companion, a brand-new app, Vicki Novak a freshman at the university of Colorado can ask her mom to virtually monitor her. Victoria has requested that you be her companion keep an eye on her as she's on the move. They've got your back. Reporter: It uses gps data to show Mimi where Vicki is. If something goes wrong an alert shows up. This phone will be notified when my headphones are pulled out, if I fall, if I start running, anything that's unusual and out of the ordinary. Reporter: Then mom can call to see if she's okay or worse case, call 911 and provide her daughter's exact location. Companion is one of the slew of new personal safety avps like circle of six and lifeline response and while a team could just call a parent and talk with them on the phone while they walked -- Turns out a lot of the teenagers don't want to talk. They actually prefer texting and doing their thing. Reporter: What do you say to people who think this is just an extension of helicopter parenting? It's not. Because your child calls you. It's not me sitting there stalking her. Reporter: When the notification comes in that Vicki has arrived at her dorm, how does that make mom feel? The knowledge that she's reaching out to me and that she wants to show me where she is priceless. Now, this companion app isn't just for college kids, it's really for anyone. And that's what we're seeing here is age and situation appropriate locating apps so let's talk about teens and tweens as we get off the bus here, many of them have phones. I've downloaded a locater app. This one is called life 360 and take a look at this. You've got the parent phone back in the studio and you've been able to track my progress as I made it from the school here to the bus stop and the real power of these apps is that it will send an alert when your child walks in the door and then that is true peace of mind for working parents, so come on, kids. You can keep coming. You got it, robin, that's the good news for parents who want to know where their kids are. Thank you, Becky, very much. I'm texting my daughter all the time. Where are you? I didn't say you could go to Starbucks so that's such peace of mind. What polite children you're with. How they were waiting for you, Becky. They didn't know if they should go. They were taught well. Thanks a lot. Been great having you here this week, Becky.

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{"duration":"3:23","description":"The app Companion allows parents to track their kids' movements and get alerts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33973431","title":"New Mobile App Helps Parents Keep Their Kids Safe","url":"/GMA/video/mobile-app-helps-parents-kids-safe-33973431"}