'Modern Family' Star to Perform Shakespeare in NYC Park

Jesse Tyler Ferguson discusses upcoming finale to ABC series, stage projects.
3:51 | 05/14/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Modern Family' Star to Perform Shakespeare in NYC Park
It is "gma's" funniest week ever and jesse tyler ferguson is here, very busy star. Of abc's hit "modern family" has so much going on on screen on stage and off and so happy to have you back here with us. So happy to see you. "Modern family" cast all the time. I know. You just saw eric. Really. You guys -- just like we saw with the "scandal" kozlov each other, have fun with each other. Lovely to see that camaraderie. You can't fake chemistry. It's either there or it's not there and we really do love each other. You can't fake it -- just like you guys. That's why people tune in. We're very blessed in that regard. We'll play a clip. It's coming up on the second to last episode of the season. Your character, mitchell, and your daughter lily, well, let's just say you're very competitive about her gymnastic skills. If nobody beat my daughter's score on the beam she would make preteam. She would be one of the elite -- funny thing, pride. They say it goeth before the fall, fall, fall. I can hear you rooting for a little girl to fall. If I can hear you, other people can hear you. Yes! I don't know why I said that. I'm sorry. The scary thing is when i become a father which will hopefully happen someday, but, yeah, I probably will be that father. You will be that kind of father. Yeah, I think I will be. Secretly wishing ill on -- probably. I don't know. I'm already ashamed of it. I'm preashamed. Get ahead of the curve with that. As we said you are so busy. Shakespeare in the park. I'm doing shakespeare in the park with public theater I'm doing "the comedy of ear ors" which is a dream role of mine. So excited and it's a great production directed by dan sullivan who I worked with a few times, it will be hilarious. Apparently tickets are extremely hard to come by. They're free. But you have to line up. What's more fun for you being on stage or tv show. I love both. I love "modern family" so much. "Modern family" is a very special tv show, as well. It's really well written but there's nothing like being on stage and having interaction with an audience and I'm getting to do, you know, a whole play from beginning to end. You know, tv, you stop and go so much. Theater really is an actor's medium because I'm in charge. No editor is in charge, no director so it's fun. It's so different. Fortunately you don't have to choose. I'm so lucky. So dapper as always. The bow tie. It's not just the bow tie. It means something. Right, this is for my foundation tie the knot. We teamed up with the tie bar and selling these and all the proceeds go to marriage equality. We george takei from "star trek" guest designed one of our bow ties, very funny or die video we created with him. So, yeah, the summer line is doing really well. It's really taken off. Innocently started, right? It was very -- we had no idea -- oh! Jesse. It's the sprinkler. Wait, wait, wait. Fun. Payback. Payback. I knew it was going to happen. I mean -- it was like a herd of cows. It was terrifying. I felt like I was "the lion king" during the stampede. It was exciting. My heart is beating. I'm scared. Jesse, thank you so much. You're always a good sport. Thank you. Always welcome here you and the entire cast. See "modern family" tomorrow right here on abc.

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{"id":19175292,"title":"'Modern Family' Star to Perform Shakespeare in NYC Park","duration":"3:51","description":"Jesse Tyler Ferguson discusses upcoming finale to ABC series, stage projects.","url":"/GMA/video/modern-family-jesse-tyler-ferguson-interview-2013-star-19175292","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}