Mom Testers Take on Egg Master and More

Products tested claim to improve breakfast, house cleaning and your hair.
4:33 | 07/28/13

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Transcript for Mom Testers Take on Egg Master and More
Well there -- inescapable -- infomercials advertising as seen on TV products so every once in awhile here on GMA we recruit moms from around America to test these products out for us. This time our bombs are testing products that claim to improve everything from breakfast to house cleaning to your hair. ABC's -- contributor Becky were always on the case. -- -- the perfect time to -- back and relax. -- Front month testers it's the perfect time to pick things up a notch we picked three of our most daring moms and sent them three of them. Easiest has seen on TV products -- -- these products -- in the illustrious mom helical brutal or leave -- -- this. It let me know moms. From self portraits of Angela Daniels. From Colombian. Today -- Smith with two good. I'm Nick -- mom of two boys and what better way to start long testers and -- -- Eat breakfast and I don't know you'll find me. -- aptly named and bullying a master big perfect big every done. Interest saying the taste test. Whom but -- well unorthodox shape wasn't sending her or her family back for seconds and anybody being that it would ever but I don't. That are only eight months in -- kids gave the goalie comes up. She's not packing up her hands just yet it's -- Today giant India Italy and probably. Half the time. Or even -- -- into the -- Margo look the released creativity. And convenience isn't a hand over hand. It takes Harris -- because in practice making the final tally to. She did one mom. Now it's time to give these moms only. Some legal lamb -- curlers creates a perfect hurling every time. Year earlier program. From -- and would lose to keep I -- and I really fast. -- Angela. Pound for any senior mom was. Blown away it was scary -- -- you -- these -- crazy beautiful the girls making another 21 split on the air curlers were. One mom approved. Disappointed. When you combine bamboo. -- Little -- he's like a -- rule but made -- a remove about police questionable wrestler to -- goal. And moms -- -- found the -- million resilient enough to cleaner floors mount Angeles found success -- inside. And outside the -- -- clean the grill without problems and -- -- was impressed with how that -- and Louis held up in the -- It's still together and -- -- -- yeah. It's unanimous the bamboo towels cleaned up ending Armonk testers -- strong the three big mom's -- The bamboo EU is names. Now we do have some comments from the company's. The folks who make their -- -- master told us. It's just limited to cooking -- it's a practical and fun tool to prepare many sweet or savory or tasty snacks and meals. Well we understand that the design of the ruling might be comical to some. It is because of the special feature that it really is a unique in practical solution for anyone looking for breakfast on the go. It's like it's -- Now the air currently -- folks say. -- -- designed to create banana curls not just slip Carl -- ends. To achieve the best results the air currently should be used an up and down motion on damp hair. The look depends on thickness signaling -- the hair. And they say he may need the blowers to write the cruel setting on the blow dryer to set the curls and it will free curl act. Active -- product may be needed also to achieve the desired results. Dan B on -- you have some of those products out there a switch an -- to tubular eggs. -- I'm actually when they get krona and the rowly. But after the break we'll -- period of outrage -- Aaron Carlson yes. -- -- thank you very much.

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{"id":19795471,"title":"Mom Testers Take on Egg Master and More","duration":"4:33","description":"Products tested claim to improve breakfast, house cleaning and your hair.","url":"/GMA/video/mom-testers-egg-master-19795471","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}