Moms Push 'No Shame Parenting' Movement

A new Yahoo survey suggests "mommy shaming" is very real, but now some moms are pushing back.
3:46 | 10/05/15

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Transcript for Moms Push 'No Shame Parenting' Movement
And this morning's hot button. No-shame parenting. A new survey about gen X and millennial moms. ? Yahoo! ? Mom, how do you spell quinoa? Nobody really knows. I think it's q-u -- You don't tell them how to sped. Reporter: On "Odd mom out" Jill talks about the tension. I don't care what the atlantic monthly says. You're pretty. And you're smart. Reporter: Real-life moms fighting back against perceived perfection. With the hash tag no shame parenting. An attempt to carve out no shame stones. 87% of moms say they feel judged for how they parent. 35% of moms feel judged for baby feeding style. 48% for working status. 53% because of discipline methods. 50% of mothers said it's okay to spank. And while modern moms may feel harshly judged by their peers, 86% who responded to the survey say they try not to judge other parents. They believe there is no one right way to approach motherhood. Here with me, Lindsey powers, editorial director for Yahoo! Parenting. Is this specific to millennial moms. Gen X moms. Is it singular to these generations? We have surveyed more than 1,000 moms. It is actually growing. With Facebook, you know, you're no longer comparing yourself to your parents and We'rjust a bchpe of LE Ke Jeff. Good pple who ll good cars good pple. And th's what mean byhe brighside of R bung. Mon. I nt to sml the wa chamgne test. I lo champag. Infuseour launy with.. .Up to 1weeks ofuxuriouslong-lting sces... ...Utopablesn Wash Snt Boosr. I nt my for to sme moreike a for. I wants bedro to smellike 'S away boardinschool. Surroundourself th up to 6 hrs of luxuous, lonlasting scents... ...Iroducingew Unstobles Air Refrher. Need the to break them out of something. 25% of parents said that they do think about divorce every once in awhile. More than 40% said, no way divorce is not an option. Interesting. Even in the relationship doesn't work out, parents have a great relationship in co--parenting. It's the end of acrimonious divorces. That's nice to hear. Stopping the trend is recognizing the behavior and telling yourself I'm not going to judge. Take three deep breaths. How would you feel if someone was saying the same thing about you. Don't be afraid to weigh in on Facebook. We're all in this together. And lastly, the no-shame parenting, own your choices. Be proud of them. This works for your family. It's an awesome thing. Everyone has their own advice. You shouldn't necessarily worry about what other people are saying. I was reminding myself there. Did you hear that? Check out Yahoo! Parenting all week for more on no-shame parenting. Isn't Amy great mom? Yep.

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{"duration":"3:46","description":"A new Yahoo survey suggests \"mommy shaming\" is very real, but now some moms are pushing back.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34254340","title":"Moms Push 'No Shame Parenting' Movement","url":"/GMA/video/moms-push-shame-parenting-movement-34254340"}