California Mother Catches Bad Nanny on Camera

Hidden nanny cam records 1-year-old twins allegedly being abused by their babysitter.
3:06 | 10/15/14

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Transcript for California Mother Catches Bad Nanny on Camera
And a nightmare for any parent. A nanny caught on camera, allegedly physically abusing 1-year-old twins. It was all too real for one California mother who was shocked at what her hidden camera revealed. ABC gio Benitez here with that story. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning. That's a real lesson for parents in this story. Mom says there were no red flags. Seeing the horrifying tape for the first time, while teaching kids in school, her children were in the hands of an alleged child abuser. The videos every parent hopes to never see. A California nanny caught on Nan yay cam, shaking the child by one arm. The videos so intense, we aren't showing them in their entirety. It's 34-year-old Dana cash. Now charged with child abuse. I was appalled. Reporter: The children's mother not wanting to be identified, sitting down with a reporter. I hear my child screaming and crying in the video. It's terrifying. Reporter: The mother set up a video camera, rarely checked the tap tapes. It was her 8-year-old son who told her. He knew it was wrong. He's sitting there playing with the iPod. He's paying attention to everything. Reporter: Showing the video to the nanny herself. I made a mistake. That's not a mistake. That's not a mistake you're allowed to make. And she was fired. She was fired through We take the safety of our community extremely seriously. We have a national team of safety professionals that review every care giver applicant. We were not aware of any other complaints from the community. Reporter: Cash isn't the first nanny in hot water. In Jacksonville, Florida, Jeanine Campbell was sentenced to eight years after she was caught abusing an 11-month-old baby in 2010. And another sentenced to ten months in jail after slapping a 5-month-old old baby. These tips for parents -- Do your internet search, check references, run a comprehensive back ground check and monitor the situation. Reporter: Cash has not entered a plea, and the mom thought she did everything right but didn't check the camera too often. Never know what happens behind closed doors. Reporter: She is out on bail and could potentially apply for another nanny job. When interviewing a nanny, ask for five references, not just the typical one or two., do they recommend the nanny cam? Absolutely. That's what captured this. Most important, trust your gut. Listen to yourself. Something doesn't feel right, absolutely. And I like the reference idea too. Five. Thank you. Thank you. Coming up, why coloring is

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{"duration":"3:06","description":"Hidden nanny cam records 1-year-old twins allegedly being abused by their babysitter.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26208480","title":"California Mother Catches Bad Nanny on Camera","url":"/GMA/video/nanny-cam-mother-catches-bad-nanny-camera-26208480"}