March Madness 2013: Selection Sunday Excitement

Matt Doherty talks to Josh Elliott about the NCAA men's basketball tournament.
4:03 | 03/18/13

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Transcript for March Madness 2013: Selection Sunday Excitement
Very quickly we addressed it very briefly on this unity in my former life. This would have been and the one of the busiest and sleep deprived -- of the year for yesterday. Was. And I just love saying -- selection Sunday yesterday win the field of 68. Who was learned for the first time as March Madness rolls along the college basketball -- literally meant then and women. Get set to kick off and we have tip operated tomorrow. I -- you guys already have your answer is sound right now and I -- working on and basically everything you just said when she yeah during around history at Sam -- -- -- I'm trying to say is why outlaw yeah yeah thanks to the the united and I can't -- well -- want I was out making -- is huge I mean back in the day you would -- you couldn't wait for the newspaper to get to the next day and he would fill it out and cross about -- that crossed out. So how do we fill it out really. Anybody if only to indulge me. -- majority great former coach and now on ESP new analyst joining us from Charlotte, North Carolina matched -- good morning. Thank you for -- and -- that's how. The first one -- your experience as a kid what we did it did it mean something to you growing up wind selections on -- world around. No question one selection Sunday. Rolled around your -- -- Just couldn't wait to see the pairings and see who was -- you know -- That run to the final four the Cinderella is. Back when I was growing up hand made it to the final four I remember watching Larry Bird flu from you know small conference to make it to the final form -- always -- -- Magic Johnson so. Those images are are definitely burned into my mind. So let's get right nativist bureau it would lot of parity in college basketball -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There were a lot there are 617 with it hadn't -- laid claim to -- one -- what did you think of the yes selection committee's decisions. -- I think the committee did an excellent job except I felt that gives out good didn't deserve a number one seed I think Miami did and obviously there's a lot of deliberation about that I think if you put in zag in. The ACC. For the Big Ten they probably wouldn't have had the record that they had. But at the end of the day when you talk about number one seed or number two you're splitting hairs. For me convene tournament still really starts Thursday without their second -- gains but still the field the sixty -- are we gonna see we couldn't just be it could this finally mean here was his sixteen -- of one. You know I don't think so I think that day is coming but it's not this year I think the number ones are just too strong. And there's no sixteens that you say okay they have a legitimate shot -- right Sam -- obesity. Com and lets just protest and -- you are now you're being very game to join us here let's pretend like I'm sitting here with two people who know less than nothing about college vast gold -- This week will be filling out brackets for the shells yup. What would you what's what I what I -- it's one piece of advice you can give to my compatriots here. I think you gotta go with your favorite either mascot -- your favorite color those soon to be. He's on good ways to go about it all right get -- that I think everybody went majority. Great coach great analyst thank you so much I don't know -- really really. -- I loved that Carolina. Like the Cadillac. -- it out you know. That's argue is that is Matt Doherty took on her on the don't like -- you're going you're gonna don't like do that is a great blue -- -- -- I don't know generally. And -- -- we -- the Ohio State University look at you don't. -- that is just that a little Ireland I. Here's what you can't you can't pick duke and North Carolina we would not enough time to explain -- you gotta pick. I like the blue of having all blessings of the big. Let me I'm going all shades of blue every team in my that I -- -- -- blue and their Sam there's no chargers -- -- I have never felt more left out of a convocation in my entire life.

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{"duration":"4:03","description":"Matt Doherty talks to Josh Elliott about the NCAA men's basketball tournament.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18755092","title":"March Madness 2013: Selection Sunday Excitement","url":"/GMA/video/ncaa-bracket-2013-march-madness-selection-sunday-excitement-18755092"}