Newark Security Breach: Fake Bomb Gets Through Security

A federal agent with a fake bomb made it through TSA screenings during a test.
1:40 | 03/08/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Newark Security Breach: Fake Bomb Gets Through Security
New and disturbing information about that's stunning security breach at Newark Airport a federal agent with a fake bomb getting through TSA screenings. ABC's David Crowley has been tracking -- overnight in Washington David good morning. Good morning Amy this is a troubling outcome of what is a training test of one of the country's busiest airports. According to the New York Post and it comes during what is really been a difficult week for the TSA. A stunning lapse of security here at Newark Airport a member of a so called TSE red team looking for weaknesses in the agency's systems. Reportedly got through the scanners and then even up half down with a -- small bomb stuffed in his pants. He was cleared all the way into terminal B which is home to American delta and jetBlue TSA will not confirm the reported the breach which happened more than a week ago. Telling Good Morning America this morning quote TSA regularly conducts tests and does not publicly shared details about comes. -- has suffered real breaches before remember this man back in 2010 the so called. Airport Romeo he bypassed security so he could kisses girlfriend to -- Leading to a complete shutdown of the terminal for six hours. All of this comes as complaints are growing louder over TSE's announcement this week to allow pocket knives -- aircraft. Flight attendants are steaming mad and -- launched a campaign to try and roll back that plan. -- criticisms now being echoed by air marshals and even some airline officials. TSA plans activate that new policy on knives in late April -- TSA is telling me this morning that the incident in new work is not necessarily a we're real world situation it was just part of their training regiment. And they talk to the agents right after they finished it.

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{"id":18682218,"title":"Newark Security Breach: Fake Bomb Gets Through Security","duration":"1:40","description":"A federal agent with a fake bomb made it through TSA screenings during a test.","url":"/GMA/video/newark-international-airport-security-breach-fake-pants-bomb-18682218","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}