Paula Faris' Pregnancy Moment

ABC News' correspondent loses her breath on air, makes surprise announcement.
0:58 | 08/02/13

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Transcript for Paula Faris' Pregnancy Moment
And waiting but no deal so far for -- talks have reportedly stalled between the Yankees star and Major League Baseball as the league investigates -- Excuse me guys -- my -- as a league -- more than a dozen players caught up in the latest doping scandal. Now a -- is threatening to ban Iran for light unless he agrees to a lengthy suspension but ESPN reports that A-Rod. He wants to make sure -- can still cash in on some of the hundred million dollars that he is -- -- under his. Impact it can and are there well. Pregnant and president of pregnancy you know things are wrong but hey hey hey you can -- He's breathing for him. A maazel to policy and that's something -- inside that I had to -- -- CNN apnea but like seventeen we're you know all. Thank you guys appreciate that.

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{"id":19851558,"title":"Paula Faris' Pregnancy Moment","duration":"0:58","description":"ABC News' correspondent loses her breath on air, makes surprise announcement.","url":"/GMA/video/news-blooper-anchor-breath-paula-faris-reveals-pregnancy-19851558","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}