Newtown Board of Education Spokesperson Speaks About the Tragedy

Bill Hart has the latest information from Sandy Hook Elementary school.
2:18 | 12/16/12

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Transcript for Newtown Board of Education Spokesperson Speaks About the Tragedy
A few moments ago I spoke with bill hart, a spokesperson for the newtown, connecticut board of education. Here's what he had to say. The plan is to re-open the schools on tuesday. Why is it so important to get things moving again. Well, all the mental health experts we talked to and the state has done a wonderful job of bringing in some help tell us it's the best thing to do to get back to normal operations as soon as possible. Best for the children and for the staff and for the complupts. What do you do with the students who are enrolled at this elementary school? Well, this school here, we're clearly not going to be in this building any time in the foreseeable future but close to a plan to move the community to -- the school community to another location. Those details will probably come out today. I'm not really prepared to really say but we know it'll work. Do you think you can ever re-open this school and what would you say to parents who say I never want to send my child -- I would probably feel very much the same way. My three daughters went to this school and we have many memories there. I think trying to understand what we're going to do with that is a long process and, you know, we're not anywhere prepared to make those decisions now. You talked about importance of re-establishing routine but it's going to be hard to do in this atmosphere. What kind of special allowances will you take for the staff and students who are really hurting as you try to establish -- we brought in mental health professionals from all over the state and have special training for people and know some of the teachers might not be prepared to come back and be prepared with substitutes and counseling for all the people. We've prepared to do whatever we have to do to help all of our community. We keep hearing these stories of the valor displayed by the principal at this elementary school and also some of the teachers. What are your though that. Well, I think we had -- that's really the big story here. There's some incredible heroes and I think what they did moving to move all the children to safe locations and going through our lockdown location saved countless more lives. Those teachers, the taff that were there, the first responders who came in, they're the people who are the real heroes. Bill hart, you so a difficult job and I wish you the best. Thank you, dan.

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{"id":17989978,"title":"Newtown Board of Education Spokesperson Speaks About the Tragedy","duration":"2:18","description":"Bill Hart has the latest information from Sandy Hook Elementary school.","url":"/GMA/video/newtown-board-education-spokesperson-speaks-tragedy-17989978","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}