Nick Carter Sends Special Greeting for 'Dancing' Cast

The "Backstreet Boys" singer has a special message for the rest of the season 21 cast.
1:51 | 09/02/15

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Transcript for Nick Carter Sends Special Greeting for 'Dancing' Cast
dancing? I actually it could kind of be a disadvantage. I mean in some ways because people probably expect me to be a great dancer, you know, so -- and I believe that I'm a good dancer but it's a different type of dancing so I got my work cut out for me. Nick, will your backstreet bros, will they be cheering you on during the whole dancing? Absolutely. We all support each other and, you know, I'm going to need all the support I can get. I know there's a little pressure here because your brother Aaron made it to the final five in "Dancing with the stars," has he given you any tips answer do you plan on doing better than he did? My brother is going to try to give me as many tips as he can but I am the big brother, no, you know, at the end of the day I'm open for anything and, you know, we'll just see what happens. Nick, we are so happy that we got to speak with you this morning. Good luck on the movie out there. Tony dovolani. You're back, we love to see you. This is a huge season. What are you most excited about seeing this group now that you get them all in your eyesight. I'm excited about howdy verse our cast is. A little bit of everything so that's what makes "Dancing with the stars" so special and I feel like everybody is going to have their own little journey getting to the finals hopefully if we get a good final which will be fun and hopefully I'm in it too. I'm just happy to still be relevant enough to dance. I'm the senior here, I get it but I'm having fun and, you know, "Dancing with the stars" has been such a big part of my life and I'm just grateful that the fans still want me there.

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{"duration":"1:51","description":"The \"Backstreet Boys\" singer has a special message for the rest of the season 21 cast.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33477534","title":"Nick Carter Sends Special Greeting for 'Dancing' Cast","url":"/GMA/video/nick-carter-sends-special-greeting-dancing-cast-33477534"}