Nick Jonas Demands Apology After Diabetes Joke

The pop star, vocal about his own diabetes, called out the fitness company CrossFit over its diabetes tweet.
3:04 | 07/02/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Nick Jonas Demands Apology After Diabetes Joke
This morning's hot button. Nick Jonas taking on crossfit. The pop star calling out the fitness company over a tweet about diabetes. Neither side is backing down and ABC's Reena ninan has the story. ? Reporter: This morning nick Jonas facing off against a lead fitness group, crossfit. Standing up for a cause that hits close to home. Crossfit tweeting this pic of a Coca-Cola bought with the caption open diabetes along with a quote from George Greg glassman saying make sure you pour some out for your dead homies. The 22-year-olds singer who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was 13 firing back saying this is not cool. Please no one understand the difference between type one and type two diabetes before making ignorant comments. Sensitivity to all diseases and proper education on the cause and day-to-day battle is important. Type one diabetes we tend to see diagnosed in younger individuals, sometimes even children, reflects an inability of the pancreas to produce enough insulin. Type two diabetes, which we tend to see in older adults, it tends to be associated with increased weight or obesity. Reporter: Crossfit's CEO telling ABC news this is about the scourge of type 2 diabetes and its underlying causes. His sponsor, Coca-Cola is a significant contributor to the diabetes epidemic both with product and marketing spend. ? overnight a rep for Jonas responding, nick has never had a deal or sponsorship with Coca-Cola. This is a company desperate for publicity but it's bizarre they try to achieve it behind such a thoughtless tweet. Jonas an advocate since his diagnosis and currently a spokesman for the glucose monitoring system he uses even testifying in a 2009 hearing on capitol hill about the disease. It has not been easy, but diabetes technology has really helped me to manage my diabetes. He's always wanted to empower his fans, many of whom might be dealing with this disease. Reporter: Medical experts saying the conversation is an important one to have. I think or hope that the intention was to motivate people to live a healthier lifestyle but in reality it came out as blaming people who are living with a chronic and potentially very serious illness. ? Reporter: And I'd also like to add part of crossfit's response was so aggressive, hmm, we can't say it on air. It was pretty powerful and reached out to Coca-Cola and confirmed Jonas is not a paid spokesman and adding they recognize the importance of physical activity and moderation. It was a short response but a powerful one. It certainly was. Yes. Use your imagination. We learned a lot in the whole experience. Yes, definitely. I'm speaking to our Dr. Jen Ashton and saying for anyone with diabetes, your blood sugar level is going too high or too low is such a risk. That was my dad. Critical and I think it's important he said, hey, know the difference between one and two. Yes. And that's why he was speaking out like that. Reena, thank you. Thank you.

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{"duration":"3:04","description":"The pop star, vocal about his own diabetes, called out the fitness company CrossFit over its diabetes tweet.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"32178620","title":"Nick Jonas Demands Apology After Diabetes Joke","url":"/GMA/video/nick-jonas-demands-apology-diabetes-joke-32178620"}