California Storm: Authorities Order Evacuations Amid Flooding, Mudslides

Five days of overwhelming rains trigger dangerous rockslides and downed trees.
2:44 | 12/03/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for California Storm: Authorities Order Evacuations Amid Flooding, Mudslides
I'm wearing mine now. To storms slamming the west. Sam has the latest on that. I mean, five days, you think ABOUT IT, NOVEMBER 27th, THESE Folks have had back-to-back storms. 100-mile-an-hour gusts. Pictures like this, with trees down. You've had boulders in the middle of the roads. Rofd closed. Flooding, power lines down. When you look at the rainfall totals it's exactly what we expected out of this triple hit of storms. Monterey coming out with more than 18 inches of rain. All the way into the san francisco area, almost 4 inches of rain in that time period. Three storms shoving that storm up the coastline. Give that rain a lift and you get the total, 12 to 18 inches of rain, today is a little break. Today is the day you scrape the mud off. You get the trees out of the way. You try to get the power back on and our cecilia vega is just east of san francisco area this morning. Good morning. Hey, sam, good morning to you. You've said it to see the mess the series of storms has caused, take a look at this. Outside of san francisco, as you said, massive tons of concrete. Walk with me. I want to show you one other thing. Look at this, a massive hole right in the middle of this neighborhood. The residents here have a long way to go before they recover from this storm. Reporter: From fallen trees crushing this car in oregon, to rockslides outside of sacramento to rivers raging in reno and flooded streets along the coast, up to one foot of rain, heavy winds and flooding caused by three storms in less than a week have left the west coast a soggy mess. In the usually scenic napa valley, the triple whammy left vineyards under water. And giant trees came dangerously close to taking even more cars right before our eyes. We were literally driving down the road when this giant tree came toppling on this road. It was it near you? It was twhin feet of my truck. Reporter: You were driving down the road? I was driving down the road. Reporter: In the mountains that pounding rain made for a beautiful winter white backdrop. But in this neighborhood like san francisco, the cleanup is only beginning. And the cleanup here is going to take weeks, as you can see. Now, all eyes turn to that storm that's headed here tomorrow, sam? Yeah, it's just a minor dry day, cecilia. We know that the next system does drag on later on tonight. So this momentary dry. Even if that momentary dry patch, you'll get mist and showers going on later on tomorrow, another wave of rain. We've seen the storms come off the pacific and move across the northwest. This will move all the way through march. It's interesting to see how big these storms will get as this one started larger than normal.

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{"id":17865950,"title":"California Storm: Authorities Order Evacuations Amid Flooding, Mudslides ","duration":"2:44","description":"Five days of overwhelming rains trigger dangerous rockslides and downed trees.","url":"/GMA/video/northern-california-storms-bring-rain-mudslides-residents-brace-17865950","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}