NY Pastor Seeks New Home for His 570 Nativity Sets

The sets from 59 countries and include reindeer, peanuts and Coca-Cola cans.
1:37 | 12/11/15

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Transcript for NY Pastor Seeks New Home for His 570 Nativity Sets
He started collecting them thirty years ago and that was my purpose is to make it available for people and now father Roy her burger has 570. Nativity sets for inspiration. You know four or something spiritual or just artistic for other people it takes a week for parishioners at saint Colombo Bridget church to get them out on display and they unpack everything put them on the tables. In the basic order. That I come around after its and put him in the right order with all that annual packing and unpacking there are casualties though I have to try to figure out how to get those heads back out of fingers again and missing parts. Somehow we lost the holy family that are supposed to be down here and sometimes a little confusion and we don't know where to put the angels on high for the count of the Duncan's through it all this one of a kind collection has become a crowd pleaser each holiday season for people of all faiths from traditional to the whimsical this is cute because occurs we have. He that figures than we have actual peanuts you could spend hours admiring these pieces representing 59 countries so this is from Peru. Wasn't in heavenly diapers so their areas. And all his glory. Father Roy will be retiring in eighteen months and he needs to find a home for his nativity collection wanted to retire. Have them put under my bed in the apartment. He hopes to find a place where the sets would be on permanent display and not have to be packed and unpacked the man who may be a former school building that maybe and keep until then father Roy's efforts can be enjoyed here at saint Colombo Bridget church as a breathtaking reminder. Of the reason for the season. Mike Randall seven Eyewitness News.

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{"duration":"1:37","description":"The sets from 59 countries and include reindeer, peanuts and Coca-Cola cans.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35720490","title":"NY Pastor Seeks New Home for His 570 Nativity Sets","url":"/GMA/video/ny-pastor-seeks-home-570-nativity-sets-35720490"}