O.J. Simpson To Take Stand for First Time in Any Trial

The former football player is looking to get a retrial in his robbery conviction.
4:16 | 05/15/13

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Transcript for O.J. Simpson To Take Stand for First Time in Any Trial
event today, o.J. Simpson in court trying to win a new trial and get out of the extensive prison term he is serving for armed robbery and kidnapping. He's expected to take the stand today and abc's neal karlinsky has the story. Reporter: When o.J. Simpson takes the stand this morning, it will mark some of the most anticipated testimony in any courtroom in years. He never testified in his famed 1995 murder trial for the deaths of his ex-wife and a friend and never took the stand in the robbery and kidnapping case that put him behind bars four years ago either. How important is his performance if you can call it that tomorrow? Some of these will come down to credibility, determined by the judge. Reporter: His friend tom scotto who traveled to las vegas just to watch tells abc news simpson runs the gym and coaches a baseball team in prison and is ready to finally speak up for himself in court. What do you think he has to do on the witness stand? He needs to be himself. Be himself, be genuine like he is. Be ka rcharismatic like he is. Be o.J. Reporter: It's built on the allegation his former attorney, yale galanter, wouldn't put him on the stand and didn't do a good or even fair job when he went on trial for this robbery. Galanter has remained silent lew will testify later but not before o.J. Simpson once again finds himself in the media crosshairs in court finally telling his version of events with his freedom at stake. For "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, las vegas. And for more on both cases let's go to vinnie politan, former prosecutor, now host of hln's "after dark." You heard o.J.'S friend. When he takes the stand for the first time we'll see him in one of these trials taking the stand. His friend just wants him to be himself. Is that going to work. He can't just be himself. He has to do something much, much more which is somehow say his attorney messed up in a huge way and I think what he might say, george, is that his attorney was with him in vegas the night before the big caper, the robbery and this kidnapping and his lawyer knew what he was going to do and his lawyer may have actually been involved and knew his plans and as a result had some sort of kong applicant of interest to represent him at the trial to protect himself. I think that's his only chance, but is a judge really going to believe him? Of course, the attorney will have a chance to come back and rebut the testimony, as well. Let's move on to jodi, jodi arias, now in the sentencing phase of her trial. We know what the prosecution is going to do with their medical examiner witness, try to cruelty. Yeah, and to prove the cruelty this is what I think the prosecutor has to do in court today, juan martinez, say, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, she had a gun, she had a knife. She could have shot him in his sleep, one shot back of the head. He never would have known what happened. Instead, she chose to stab him 29 times, why did she do it, ladies and gentlemen? Because she wanted him to suffer. She wanted him to know he was going to die and she wanteded him to know who was doing it and that, ladies and gentlemen, is cruelty. I think that's his best argument today. We also saw the interview from jodi arias who says she wants the death penalty. Do you think the jury is to buy that? No, because it came out of jodi arias' mouth. They know that she is a liar. She lied to them in court under oath on the witness stand. She lied to investigators. That's all she does. I think she thinks she's smarter than everybody and is trying to use some sort of reverse psychology. Don't give me the death penalty hoping she gets life in prison. Is there anything she can do to save herself? Well, here's the thing, you know, with the death penalty, it's a very personal decision for a lot of jurors. The fact that she's a woman, that she's a young woman is probably her best bet because you've only got about 64 women on death row out of 3,000 in this country. So odds are she has a better chance than a man might have. But in light of everything this jury has heard, especially from jodi arias herself, I think she's got a difficult, difficult task here. Vinnie, thanks very much.

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{"id":19182697,"title":"O.J. Simpson To Take Stand for First Time in Any Trial","duration":"4:16","description":"The former football player is looking to get a retrial in his robbery conviction.","url":"/GMA/video/oj-simpson-back-court-2013-simpson-stand-time-19182697","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}