Oregon Mall Shooting: 2 Dead in Clackamas Town Center

Busy shopping season is interrupted by gunman's attack inside shopping mall.
2:35 | 12/12/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oregon Mall Shooting: 2 Dead in Clackamas Town Center
First, to portland, oregon, where a gunman opened fire in a mall crowded with holiday shoppers. Neal karlinsky is outside the macy's where it all began. Good morning, neal. Reporter: George, good morning. This is where much of the shooting happened, in the food court, next to the macy's. This is a popular mall. It was filled with holiday shoppers at the time of the shooting. A random and senseless rampage that could have been even worse. Cell phone video shows the chaos after the shooting. Customers, even a little girl, being led out with their hands up. There's an active shooter? Yeah. There's one person saying that there's a man with a rifle. Near the food court. Reporter: It was 3:20 p.M., when christmas songs over the clackamas town center sound system were drowned out by the rapid fire of gunshots. He was moving around, pointing the gun at people. People were falling to the ground and crying. There's people bailing out like crazy from everywhere. Reporter: By 3:30, police arrived. Met head-on by terrified shoppers, children and employees, streaming out. Macy's and kay's, telling me the suspect was here. I have multiple shell casings. He looked like he was on a mission. Reporter: The gunman described as wearing a black bullet-proof vest and white hockey mask, is said to be moving quickly through the upper level of the mall's macy's store, firing an assault weapon in the food court. Shawn wick is eating. I don't think what can happen tomorrow is worse than what happened tonight. Reporter: By 4:30, police report a group of people hiding in a storeroom. Even the mall santa could be seen running for his life. I didn't know where the shooter was. I decided to ease my way out. Reporter: More bloodshed may have been prevented because the attacker's gun apparently jammed. He fired about 10 or 15 rounds out here. And then, the june jammed on him. Reporter: By 4:49, police report the gunman has been neutral neutralized. This morning, police say he's dead. The shooter died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. Reporter: After 90 minutes of terror, at 5:00, police lead survivors out of the mall. Still inside, the lifeless bodies of two innocent bystanders and the gunman. There is also one person who has been wounded, a woman, who is right now listed in serious condition at a portland area hospital. What we still don't know is who the shooter is and why? Why he came here? And what led him to such a random act of violence? George?

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{"duration":"2:35","description":"Busy shopping season is interrupted by gunman's attack inside shopping mall.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"17941464","title":"Oregon Mall Shooting: 2 Dead in Clackamas Town Center","url":"/GMA/video/oregon-mall-shooting-clackamas-town-center-dead-shopping-17941464"}