Ex-Packers Cheerleader Fights Cyber Bulling in Video

After being ridiculed by online bullies, a former cheerleader fired back with an inspiring video.
2:27 | 02/11/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ex-Packers Cheerleader Fights Cyber Bulling in Video
Let's turn to a sicyber bullying problem. A former green bay packers cheerleader is speaking out. Reporter: The viral video this former cheerleader crafted may be the blew print response to kish bullying. She turned the tables on her harts. A college cheer leader, living her dream in 2009, chosen to perform for the green bay packers. Four years larkts the dream almost a nightmare. Caitlin collins, blitzed in an online attack. This picture posted, like if you agree the pack verse the worst cheerflaersd the nfl. Thousand clicked like. Many posting shockingly vulgar comments about her looks. It's hard to brush it off. No matter how confident a person can seem, and appear, words hurt. Reporter: Now collins is fighting back against sish bullying in a powerful and unique way. ♪ You raise me up ♪ Reporter: Armed with only a song and some hand-written card the words that were the comments. Doesn't get any uglier. Truly an eye sore. I went to bed. Woke up in the morning. It was everywhere. Reporter: This morning, the video has gone viral. Now approaching 1 million views in just five days. The paerks isckers issued a statement calling the online commentary extremely offensive. I'm extremely relieved and so happy. Reporter: Sol lins says she also made the vid dwroe thank the bears fans who had the courage to cheer her on during the attacks. Holding up this touching comment. Even as a bears fan, think that was mean. She's not ugly and also she's someone's daughter. She hopes the message of kindness and anti-bullying on. Have a second thought befor they type those nasty words or say those nasty words to somebody. Reporter: She's a cheerleading coach for a team of middle schoolers. Her approach will be a lesson to those kids. As wthe top of the

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{"duration":"2:27","description":"After being ridiculed by online bullies, a former cheerleader fired back with an inspiring video.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18463767","title":"Ex-Packers Cheerleader Fights Cyber Bulling in Video","url":"/GMA/video/packers-cheerleader-fights-cyber-bulling-video-18463767"}