Passengers on Greyhound bus held at gunpoint

After a high-speed chase across state lines, the armed suspect has been arrested and all 50 passengers are safe.
1:46 | 01/13/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Passengers on Greyhound bus held at gunpoint
Now to the breaking story overnight. The terrifying moments 0en board a greyhound bus when a man pulled out a gun. Yeah, that led to a hi high-speed chase across state lines. We're hearing from some of the 50 people who were on board. ABC's Stephanie Ramos is in Washington on the story. Stephanie, good morning. Reporter: Good morning. Passengers on that bus said they were absolutely terrified and didn't know what to do with this guy said he was going to kill them. And they were even more confused when the driver of the bus didn't stop even after rolling over spike strips. Male hispanic has a gun in his hand. Reporter: A horrifying ride for dozens on a greyhound bus. He's making threats he's going to kill everybody on the bus. Is on a greyhound bus. He has a 32 in his hand. Reporter: An armed man threatening to kill other passengers as the bus traveled from Milwaukee to Chicago around 10:00 Friday night. Police from both states joining the high-speed pursuit shutting down the highway in both directs as they closed in on the bus. Tires are starting to shed. Reporter: The bus finally coming to a stop 45 miles in the in Wadsworth, Illinois. All 50 passengers escorted off the bus safely. He was going to kill us. Reporter: The suspect was taken into custody, dozens of police cars blocking traffic as police investigate. This morning, Tate police tell ABC news thankfully no one was hurt. Everybody is okay. You don't know what to do in those kind of situations so do the best you can. Reporter: So scary. That man was arrested and the passengers are just thankful that it all interred the way it did. Paula, Dan. Politics now and the

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{"id":52326039,"title":"Passengers on Greyhound bus held at gunpoint ","duration":"1:46","description":"After a high-speed chase across state lines, the armed suspect has been arrested and all 50 passengers are safe.","url":"/GMA/video/passengers-greyhound-bus-held-gunpoint-52326039","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}