Eight People Injured During Cruise Ship Accident

A cruise ship crashed into a river lock in upstate New York, sending eight people to the hospital with injuries.
1:50 | 06/19/15

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Transcript for Eight People Injured During Cruise Ship Accident
Now to that cruise ship accident that injured 17 people overnight. The ship crashing into a wall in a river lock in upstate new York. T.j. Holmes is here with all the details. Good morning, T.J. Reporter: What we're talking about, a river lock, two walls sitting here on the river. One side opens up, a ship goes in, wall closes and can add or take away water so it levels out. That's what's supposed to happen. This ship is sitting between those two walls. Passengers still on board as they try to figure out how bad the damage is. Respond to a boating accident at Eisenhower locks. Reporter: Overnight a scare at sea. Apparently this is a passenger vessel. Reporter: This was the scene in upstate New York, a cruise ship on its way to Toronto with 274 passengers and crew on board all French nationals slamming into a river lock wall in the St. Lawrence seaway. The 286-foot "Saint Laurent" putting out a distress call after it crashed into that concrete structure at the Eisenhower lock near the Canadian border. You may want to move your lighting units up to the scene as soon as possible. Reporter: As crews rushed to drain the water from the lock, the coast guard rushing to the scene. 17 passengers injured in the collision. Crews triaging them and removing them from the ship. It's still locked in place as investigators look into what caused the accident. If they can repair it with the passengers on board, then the passengers will remain on board and continue on with the cruise. However, I'm leading to believe there is enough damage to the ship that probably will not take place. Reporter: This ship was scheduled to stay on the St. Lawrence seaway that connects the great Lakes to the atlantic all summer, right now vacation cut short. They are stuck sitting there. Right now, guy, it looks like the damage is too extensive and end up being taken off that ship. Stuck on the ship. All right, teej, have a good

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{"duration":"1:50","description":"A cruise ship crashed into a river lock in upstate New York, sending eight people to the hospital with injuries.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"31884097","title":"Eight People Injured During Cruise Ship Accident","url":"/GMA/video/people-injured-cruise-ship-accident-31884097"}