Pet Therapy Dogs Bring Their Love to Times Square

New York-Presbyterian hospital's "Paws for Patients" dogs are trained to help people recover.
1:50 | 04/14/15

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Transcript for Pet Therapy Dogs Bring Their Love to Times Square
you by activia. We're so happy to have the stars behind our doggie cams here this morning, daisy and cassie. They're part of a program called paws for patient. In honor of national vol. Tier week. Evelyn is here. She's brought these amazing pet therapy pups. Sometimes you need puppy love. Absolutely. So good to have you here. Tell us about the program. They help patients. How does it work. Now that we have the cameras, we're able to see. Sure, sure, sure. We have the pleasure of having these two dogs with us today. How does it work in they're qualified therapy dogs. They're able to come in and visit our patients. They're able to bring joy and excitement to a patient's day, when sometimes it's not exciting. I thought about my dog doing this. How do you pick the dogs? They need to be qualified. There are accreditation organize any stations. They have to asoesz their demeanor. A good temperament. Not all dogs are good therapy dogs. Once they pass the program, they can be qualified as a therapy dog. I know that they're cute. Because they're lovely to look at. How are they kind of like doctors. That was something someone said. They, too, do their rounds in the morning or afternoon. They do our very mindful of our hand hygiene and infection controls. Hand washing before and after the visits is extremely important. They do hand washing. Then I can get a paw, right? Can I get a paw? All right. That is a washed hand, my friends. George, I might be stealing your

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{"id":30304663,"title":"Pet Therapy Dogs Bring Their Love to Times Square","duration":"1:50","description":"New York-Presbyterian hospital's \"Paws for Patients\" dogs are trained to help people recover.","url":"/GMA/video/pet-therapy-dogs-bring-love-times-square-30304663","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}